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Disturbing news of attacks on Paris synagogue [UPDATED WITH RESPONSE OF PIERRE MINNAERT]

Yesterday a Molotov cocktail was hurled at a synagogue in the Parisian suburb of Aulnay sous Bois. Happily no one was hurt and little damage was caused. Tonight reports are coming in that the Don Yitzchak Abarbanel Synagogue has been attacked by rioters protesting against the actions of Israel.
Clashes erupted in Paris on Sunday as [...]

J-M Le Pen is accused of antisemitism over response to FN critic Patrick Bruel

Several French artists are shunning the French Front Nationale.  After criticizing their stance on French TV, Jean-Marie Le Pen was reminded that one of those protesting was the singer Patrick Bruel, who is Jewish.  He responded:
On fera une fournée la prochaine fois.*
Fournée can mean ‘batch’, but also furnace or bakery, and Le Pen’s words have [...]

Good news from Ukraine, bad news from France

Despite hysterical warnings from certain quarters of an impending fascist takeover in Ukraine following the Maidan uprising, the two far-right Ukrainian nationalist parties– the Right Sector and Svoboda– got a combined total of just over 2 percent of the vote in Sunday’s presidential election, according to exit polls.
Anyone expect an acknowledgement of this from the [...]

The courage to commemorate

I want to pay tribute to two men for whom commemorating the Holocaust took no little courage.
The Washington Post reported:
Professor Mohammed S. Dajani took 27 Palestinian college students to visit the former Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp in Poland a few weeks ago as part of a project designed to teach empathy and tolerance. Upon his [...]

Prepare for Integrism! Radical Jew Hatred & the Decolonial Shakedown

This is a cross-post from Jacobinism
Western critics of regressive values within minority communities tend to elicit one of two accusations.
The first is one of misrepresentation. That is to say, the critic in question has – either through ignorance or malice – traduced benign cultures as backward and barbaric. Hostility to views perceived to be, say, [...]

French National Front picks Holocaust denier as candidate

Marine Le Pen’s efforts to disassociate the French National Front from her father’s antisemitic legacy were not helped by this news:
France’s far-right National Front party placed a Holocaust denier on its list of candidates for the municipal elections in Paris.
The candidate, Pierre Panet, wrote in 2012 that he “shares the analysis of Roger Garaudy,” a [...]

The Dieudonnic Plague

David Rich has a very good, and very depressing article on Dieudonne and his kind:-
“Making common cause” between Holocaust deniers, neo-fascists, the pro-Palestinian left, and the revolutionary Islamists of Iran is precisely what Dieudonné has spent the past decade trying to achieve. Originally from the political left, he has moved via anti-Israel rhetoric and the [...]

Anti-Jewish chants mark Paris “Day of Rage”

An anti-government demonstration by an assortment of rightwing connards in Paris on Sunday included demonstrators chanting their hatred for Jews.

Among the chants: “Faurisson was right. The gas chambers are bullshit.”
As The Tablet observes:

The implication of the image is as disturbing as it is mundane. Today, in the capital of a European Union member state, one [...]

The French government is trying to remodel the school system

This is a guest post by Cyril Rolling
Education was one of the most important fields Francois Hollande, the French President, wanted to reform when he entered office. Vincent Peillon, Minister for Education, has already changed some fundamental rules. And he is still trying to convince people who are currently opposing him.
Vincent Peillon is a former [...]

Who are these people?

As an American I can’t imagine a disgusting “comedian” like Dieudonné, who gets laughs from mocking the near-extermination of Europe’s Jews, appealing to any more than a psychologically-damaged fringe of neo-Nazis.
So who (sociologically speaking) are these young French fans of his who have turned out for his performances in their thousands– until his shows were [...]