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Will the French-centre right join forces with the Front National?

This is a guest post by Cyril Rolling
Politics are trying to return to the fore in France more than one month after the country was hit by terrorists who took the life of 17 innocent people in the heart of its capital. Political parties are now working harder and harder to get ready for the [...]

In France, free expression up to a point?

Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri raises a point which has also discomfited me.
Is it hypocritical to stand in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and its right to be (in the opinions of some) blasphemous and offensive while remaining silent about the current French crackdown on “hate speech”?

Controversial French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala has been detained by [...]

Understanding Charlie Hebdo cartoons

I just came across this very useful website– especially helpful for those (like me) whose understanding of French politics and culture is barely above the level I attained through my childhood viewing of Pepe Le Pew cartoons.
They welcome inquiries about specific CH cartoons.
(Hat tip: Fat Man on a Keyboard)

Hero and villain

Rarely do you find such a stark dichotomy between good and evil.
The Associated Press reports on Lassana Bathily, the young Muslim immigrant from Mali, who was working at the kosher market in Paris when the the terrorist gunman Amedy Coulibaly burst in and killed four Jewish shoppers.
Bathily turned off the stockroom’s freezer and hid a [...]

Israeli film disrupted in France

Anti-Israel protesters disrupted the screening of a film at an Israeli film festival in Carpentras, France, last week.
Just as [director Hilla] Medalia and Israeli Consul General in Marseille Barnea Hassid finished making introductory remarks, some twenty audience members stood up and began shouting anti-Israel slogans. Then they threw stink bombs.
The screening of the film was [...]

Disturbing news of attacks on Paris synagogue [UPDATED WITH RESPONSE OF PIERRE MINNAERT]

Yesterday a Molotov cocktail was hurled at a synagogue in the Parisian suburb of Aulnay sous Bois. Happily no one was hurt and little damage was caused. Tonight reports are coming in that the Don Yitzchak Abarbanel Synagogue has been attacked by rioters protesting against the actions of Israel.
Clashes erupted in Paris on Sunday as [...]

J-M Le Pen is accused of antisemitism over response to FN critic Patrick Bruel

Several French artists are shunning the French Front Nationale.  After criticizing their stance on French TV, Jean-Marie Le Pen was reminded that one of those protesting was the singer Patrick Bruel, who is Jewish.  He responded:
On fera une fournée la prochaine fois.*
Fournée can mean ‘batch’, but also furnace or bakery, and Le Pen’s words have [...]

Good news from Ukraine, bad news from France

Despite hysterical warnings from certain quarters of an impending fascist takeover in Ukraine following the Maidan uprising, the two far-right Ukrainian nationalist parties– the Right Sector and Svoboda– got a combined total of just over 2 percent of the vote in Sunday’s presidential election, according to exit polls.
Anyone expect an acknowledgement of this from the [...]

The courage to commemorate

I want to pay tribute to two men for whom commemorating the Holocaust took no little courage.
The Washington Post reported:
Professor Mohammed S. Dajani took 27 Palestinian college students to visit the former Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp in Poland a few weeks ago as part of a project designed to teach empathy and tolerance. Upon his [...]

Prepare for Integrism! Radical Jew Hatred & the Decolonial Shakedown

This is a cross-post from Jacobinism
Western critics of regressive values within minority communities tend to elicit one of two accusations.
The first is one of misrepresentation. That is to say, the critic in question has – either through ignorance or malice – traduced benign cultures as backward and barbaric. Hostility to views perceived to be, say, [...]