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Muslim doctor turned down by Paris hospital because of his beard

A French court has recently upheld a Paris hospital’s right to reject a Muslim trainee doctor because he wore a beard. This, it was argued, infringed the French policy of secularism.  Some items – the headscarf or skull cap for example – are always going to fall foul of this policy. However the beard, like [...]

France is being mental about anti-Jewish hate crime

This is a cross-post by Lyn Julius from The Huffington Post
On 4 April a 65-year old medical doctor living in a shabby suburb of Paris was woken at 4 am, beaten up for an hour and sustained 20 or more fractures to her body and face. At the end of her ordeal, she was thrown out [...]

Merci, Monsieur Macron

Calling out to their face authoritarians who try to subvert democracy est toujours dans l’ordre.
French President Emmanuel Macron has made an extraordinary attack on two Russian media outlets, saying they acted as “propaganda” organs during France’s election campaign.
Speaking at a news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, Macron accused the two outlets, Russia [...]

Responses to antisemitic attacks in France

A recent article in the Financial Times revealed that many French Jews were moving to London:
Exact figures on how many Jews are leaving France and where they are going are hard to find because it is illegal to carry out a census according to ethnic or religious affiliation there. But there is little doubt many have [...]

Mastermind of Paris attacks reported killed

The suspected ringleader of last Fridays atrocities in Paris was killed in a raid on an apartment building in a Paris suburb, intelligence officials reported.
Good. I’m pleased French police are permitted to shoot to kill, however much that may distress Jeremy Corbyn.
More than 100 police and soldiers stormed the building during a seven-hour siege that [...]

No joke

It looks like the setup to a joke, but while I’m sure some will accuse me of incurable naivete, it’s hard to see this as anything but good.
An Imam, a rabbi and a priest at Paris' Grand Synagogue prayer service.
— Noga Tarnopolsky (@NTarnopolsky) November 16, 2015

And here’s a reminder that the imam of the [...]

Compare and contrast

A message from Kafranbel, Syria, where people have been the victims of both the Assad regime and the Islamic State:

A message from the Stop the War Coalition (since deleted):

Alec adds: The article has been removed from the Stop the War – no! Not that one! – Coalition site. Shame that means it is gone [...]


I’ve never been in France, but this is the only response I can offer now to the ongoing atrocities against the people in the capital of that country. One of the greatest scenes in movie history:

France and BDS

The illegality of the BDS movement in France has been confirmed by a recent ruling.
A global campaign to boycott Israeli products has been judged to be illegal and antisemitic by France’s Supreme Court.
The ruling by the Cour de Cassation was welcomed by Jewish groups, but denounced as an attack on free speech by pro-Palestinian activists.
Lawyers [...]

We Conquer’d Them at Waterloo

Ebenezer Elliott, iron monger, Radical and Corn Law poet wrote a lament for the enemy of his country, Napoleon Bonaparte. To a later generation it sounded shocking. W H Auden said of it, that it was like finding a poem saying Now Hitler lies dead in Berlin.
When working blackguards come to blows,
And give or take [...]