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Archive for 'Ethics'

Incidental nonsense, bicycling nonsense

When the Plebgate story broke, cyclists were staunch. Though it’s neither big nor clever to swear at the police, a cyclist’s right of way had been unreasonably impeded.
According to the law books, there is a right for all Her Majesty’s subjects at all seasons of the year freely and at their will to pass [...]

Social Media, Deleted and Should Have Been Deleted

Perhaps it is a good thing that BtL comments on HP are archived after seven days. Considering the bun-fights which ensue on a regular basis, there could be endless material to embarrass authors years later; especially if they were applying for public sector work, such as Adrian Smith whose casual comments on gay marriage [...]

Bradford Muslim women against Galloway

A detailed account in the Guardian’s Northerner Blog of a Galloway ’sermon’ to Muslim women in Bradford.
Galloway used the meeting as an attempt to rebuild his support among Muslim women, following his appalling comments about rape. It seems Muslim women, like most women and must people in general weren’t particularly impressed by G.G’s view [...]

Ethical Shopping (for the benefit of employees)

After discussion of one free-marketeer wide-boy enthusing over the principles of economic self-sufficiency in which his workforce is paid the least he can get away with legally or practically whilst relying on a work-base trained at someone else’s expense, I see Left Foot Forward is cogitating on the living wage; which, depending on the area [...]

War crime in the Falklands?

The Heresiarch draws attention to a shocking piece in the Daily Mail, in which Tony Banks describes how, while serving in the Falklands, he took part in an engagement in which the troops were ordered to ‘take no prisoners’, an order which is – or seems to be – contrary to international law, and thus [...]

Does the Memory Hole Offer a Comfortable Hide-Out?

Losing articles faster than Scott Weber, Johann Hari has announced that he will not return to the Independent.
Instead, he will focus his – and hopefully no-one else’s – efforts on writing a book:

Indy Spanks The Monkey

No, this is not another story about Johann Hari.
I am against unnecessary animal testing. Well, it’s easy to be against ‘unnecessary’ anything, but one has a duty, I think, to be strongly so if whatever it is causes pain, distress or death for no reason: be sure what you mete is not murder.
However, and article [...]

Something Never Seen In the Independent Offices

Hat-tip Fabian ben Israel.

Intern Affairs

Well, I thought I’d weigh in on the subject of unpaid internships after my blogging colleague Michael Ezra’s recent posts. I disagree with Michael’s stance and believe it is counter productive and quite harmful to young people embarking on careers. Moreover, Michael seems to lump multinationals, investment banks and struggling niche publications together.
Naturally I agree [...]

Words Fail

I often wonder if my recollection of hearing on 10 September 2001 of Ahmed Massoud’s assassination is a planted memory.
I now wonder if my recollection of hearing about speculation that Milly Dowler was alive in the days after her disappearance on 21 March 2002 – due to signs of activity on her mobile phone account [...]