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A Must Buy

Me wants!

Questions About Flight MH370 To Include General Scope of Space and Time [1]

Plus: i. Why transponders still are accessible from the flight deck post-11/9; ii. Why Malaysia directed a long and expensive search as far as the Gulf of Tonkin when she knew early on of the route change to the west. [1] See the Onion.

Happy Birthday World!

Assuming it is night-time wherever you are, a few hours ago she hit 6,017 years old. And does she not look good?

Go For the Health Test Or the Kitten Gets It

It was the sad and wholly predictable death of Swino the Beer Swilling Hog which allowed me to put my finger on what makes me uneasy about two separate but thematically similar health campaigns on the go at the moment. First, there is the ad campaign on Scottish television for the flu jag (which, truth […]

Guide to Writing the Filet of the Crime – Or Any – Genre

Never open a book with the weather. Avoid prologues. Never use a verb other than “said” to carry dialogue. Never use an adverb to modify the verb “said.” Keep your exclamation points under control! Never use the words “suddenly” or “all hell broke loose.” Use regional dialect, patois, sparingly. Avoid detailed descriptions of characters. Same […]

A Stranding

Despite my long experience with a volunteer cetacean watching programme, Tuesday evening was my closest encounter with a whale when a juvenile minke female washed ashore at Thurso beach. By the looks – and, quickly, smell – of it, she’d been dead for several days. Gordon Ramsay recently was slammed for eating minke on a […]

On Being Duped

Going through a box of VHSs last night, I found a tattered copy of the 1994 film, Princess Caraboo with Phoebe Cates in the title role. The background is that in the summer of 1817, a mysterious/exotic/oriental-like/attractive woman was found wandering dazed and confused in the Gloucestershire countryside. Initially thought to be a common vagrant […]

Social Media, Deleted and Should Have Been Deleted

Perhaps it is a good thing that BtL comments on HP are archived after seven days. Considering the bun-fights which ensue on a regular basis, there could be endless material to embarrass authors years later; especially if they were applying for public sector work, such as Adrian Smith whose casual comments on gay marriage led […]

Roll Up Your Trousers

On the first anniversary of his death, who was Václav Havel to you? Poet? Dissident? Hero? Western icon saint? Short trouser’d philantropist?

Who Here Has Not Thought About This?

Taking Joseph W’s point about conspiracy theorists’ being preferable to those who exalt the vilest of men, conspiracy theorists still really annoy me. What other secret desires do Saucers entertain?