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Archive for 'Environmentalism'

Greenpeace Activists Under Arrest in Russia

Whatever was meant by the impeccably well-dressed Vivienne Westwood’s rambling stream of consciousness on Channel4 News in defence of the Greenpeace protestors current arrested three weeks ago after attempting to board Gazprom’s Prirazlomnaya oil platform in the Pechora Sea, I found myself trying not give any credence to a Russian Government spokesman’s argument.
That the potential [...]

Environmental activism can be deadly

In some parts of the world, fighting to protect the environment can cost you your life.
A report released Tuesday by the London-based Global Witness said more than 700 people – more than one a week – died in the decade ending 2011 “defending their human rights or the rights of others related to the [...]

You know who else loved dogs? Hitler!

A rightwing climate change-denying outfit called the Heartland Institute has posted this billboard in the Chicago area, and promises more like it:

Is it my imagination, or is there a lot of this sort of thing going on (in slightly more modulated form) nowadays?

Update: The Heartland Institute has pulled the billboard.
(Hat tip: Sophia)

Clean and Polluting Environmental Projects Causing Headaches for Scottish Government

Although renewal of nuclear power generation in the rest of the UK looks likely, the Scottish Government remains wedded to non-nuclear power generation. One such site is to be an offshore windfarm in Aberdeen Bay.
Having previously courted Donald Trump for his plans to open a luxury golf estate at Menie – to the extent [...]

Radical environmental, radical Islamic…

It all blurs together.
Alice Stewart, a spokeswoman for Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign, discusses the Republican candidate’s comment about President Obama’s “phony theology” on environmental issues.

(Via Talking Points Memo)
Update: Did Santorum compare the danger posed by Nazi Germany to what he believes to be the danger posed by the Obama administration? I believe he did.

Greenpeace passes on helping save Lake Orumiyeh

Potkin Azarmehr has tried to get some leading environmental groups involved in the campaign to save Lake Orumiyeh in northwest Iran, which has lost almost 60 percent of its surface area in the past two decades largely due to government actions, including damming and construction of a causeway.
Orumiyeh is the world’s third largest salt lake, [...]

Berlusconi Meets His Match

Maybe it is because of the obvious verbosity of at least one of the questions (photograph courtesy of Mark Pack) in four referendums held in Italy this month, but I have some difficulties in seeing this as a death knell for nuclear energy in across Europe.
Or even Italy, as Wiki offers the distilled wording for [...]

Grass-roots environmentalists honored; others attacked and arrested

The Washington Post reports on the winners of the 2011 Goldman Environmental Prizes, awarded annually to grass-roots environmental activists from different parts of the world.
The winner for North America is Hilton Kelley, who has organized his community in Port Arthur, Texas, to reduce some of the worst pollution in the US.

Kelley is an accidental environmentalist. [...]

Great Garbage Patch in Pacific Ocean Disputed

In a week during which EastEnders has portrayed parents bereaved by cot death and baby-snatching maniacs and Silent Witness has presented SSRIs as a nefarious and little heard-of class of drugs which are liable to tip users over into homicidal psychotic breaks, not to mention casual reporting of uptake of CT scans and other X-ray [...]

Private Eye Wins the Trafigura Challenge

I am pleased to learn, by way of Richard Wilson (no, not that one… or that other one either), that Private Eye has become the first British-based media outlet to report fully on allegations of what Trafigura got up to before their lawyers attempted to do what even Oliver Cromwell did not: subvert Parliamentary privilege [...]