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Pedal on Parliament IV

Pedal on Parliament, 25 April 2015 12:00 Middle Meadow Walk Edinburgh
This Saturday I’ll be among the thousands pedalling from The Meadows down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile to Holyrood for the fourth year of Pedal on Parliament (POP).  The motorised traffic will stop and for once we can enjoy Edinburgh’s beautiful centre without the fumes, noise and [...]

Incidental nonsense, bicycling nonsense

When the Plebgate story broke, cyclists were staunch. Though it’s neither big nor clever to swear at the police, a cyclist’s right of way had been unreasonably impeded.
According to the law books, there is a right for all Her Majesty’s subjects at all seasons of the year freely and at their will to pass [...]

Roads Were Not Built For Cars

Carlton Reid’s Roads Were Not Built for Cars is a revisionist history, reclaiming the role of bicycles in the development of roads and the cars that dominate them. When a class, a race, a gender reclaims its history it is usually in the cause of self-assertion. After reading this I was indignant when a privileged [...]

Making it cool, making it normal

The well-heeled urbanite, in tailored threads, bicycles with pleasure through the traffic-clogged streets of Jakarta. Meet Monocle Man.
Monocle Man is the hip sophisticate who reads the magazine Monocle.
a magazine that is in general focused on a particular brand of well-heeled global urbanism, the go-to source for articles on  . .. such new-urbanist obsessions as bicycling [...]

Re-imagining the streets

Cyclists are at the sharp end of a city’s infrastructure. When you cycle in a city you start questioning urban design, as those in the first industrial societies started questioning the set up that kept them in factories 12 hours a day for someone else’s profit.
A good city would have children playing in the streets [...]