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    I Am Fairly Sure This Is Not Compassionate Conservativism

    Following the enactment of the 2015 Conservative Manifesto, one of the casualties is the subsidy boon for wind-farm and other ‘renewables’: none more so than in Scotland where the SNP’s vaunted 100% target by 2020 has yet to produce a worthwhile electricity supply. Like the bounty on rat tails in Ankh-Morpork resulting in a cottage industry of rat farms, public money – paid for from domestic energy bills – has been lavished on companies which, from my own observations, have not been based in the UK let alone Scotland with construction crews being supplied from outwith the local areas. Even know windfarms now are a mature technology and we are…

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    Gasoline: ExxonMobil’s fuel of the future

    Is it a sign that manufacture of electric and hybrid vehicles has reached, or is approaching, a tipping point in the car market that the world’s largest oil company is running this TV ad? Perhaps someone can explain why the bit about a gasoline-powered smartphone is supposed to impress us. I’m sure the rulers of Venezuela, Iran and Saudi Arabia approve this message.

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    Energy Expenses on Expenses

    The Sunday Mirror reports on the option for MPs to claim gas and electricity bills for their second homes on expenses, and 340 have taken-up the offer. These includes the Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Caroline Flint who claimed £368.88.  This is just over three times the estimated average household bill accrued from ‘green taxes’ she defended as “only” £113 during Parliamentary questions related to Government proposals to restrict such policies. Without meaning to sound too crudely populist, I imagine other earnest supporters of these levies will be making similar or greater claims from the public purse. Some of the rationale does from a sincere desire…