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Unite and fight

One of the lessons that liberals need to learn from the recent election is the severe limitations of “identity politics” based on race, ethnicity and gender. Packinghouse workers in Chicago got it right in the 1930s: Nic Smith, a self-described “white trash hillbilly from the holler” in far southwest Virginia’s coal country, gets it right […]

“It is not good news for everyone”

One of the most compelling viral videos of the past year featured the angry reaction by workers at a Carrier plant in Indianapolis to an announcement that the the company planned to lay off 1,400 employees and move production to Mexico. I urged readers to watch the video “[i]f you want to get some idea […]

China-Israel labor deal falls through; China cracks down on labor activists

Last month we reported on a deal between the Israeli and Chinese governments that would have allowed Israeli companies to recruit 20,000 Chinese construction workers under exploitative conditions without the most basic protections of Israeli labor law. The good news is that the deal has fallen through, perhaps in part due to the 6,300 online […]

Israel/China: Stop governments’ deal to import bonded workers

Cross-posted from LabourStart Join with Israeli and Hong Kong Workers’ Unions and Human Rights Organizations in their call to end a deal between the Israeli and Chinese Governments that will put migrant workers in a dangerously disadvantaged position. The deal, as it stands, will allow Israel to recruit 20,000 Chinese construction workers via private recruitment […]

Qatar PR fail

BBC reporter Mark Lobel was invited to Qatar to report on brand new showcase accommodations for foreign workers laboring on construction projects for the 2022 World Cup. However when Lobel and his crew ventured off on their own to cover some of the still-disgraceful living and working conditions for foreign workers, they were arrested and […]

The fiery speech by a female Iranian teacher protesting for better pay

Cross-posted from Potkin Azarmehr at For a democratic secular Iran This footage was sent to me by one of the teachers taking part in the widespread strike by the Iranian teachers. They are demanding better pay and conditions. The video shows a fiery speech made by a female teacher. See the translation below: “Most of […]

Thomas Piketty on inequality

Huffington Post reports: The number-one book on isn’t a guide to green juice or an erotic romance novel. No, the top seller on Amazon right now is a 700-page book, translated from French, about rising inequality and the state of modern capitalism. In what may be a hint of widespread anxiety about the foundations […]

Do women prefer job flexibility to equal pay?

According to Terri Lynn Land, the likely Republican candidate for US Senate from Michigan in 2014, working women prefer job flexibility to equal pay with men. I would argue that women and men are entitled to equal job flexibility and equal pay. I’m not sure why anyone should have to choose one over the other. […]

A living wage instead of tips

Here’s a revolutionary idea for bars and restaurants: ban tipping and instead pay your staff a living wage. As one (of many, I suspect) uncomfortable with the whole notion of tipping , I would much prefer to eat or drink at such places. Why should someone’s ability to make a living depend on the chance […]

Walmart’s war on Thanksgiving

While Sarah Palin publishes another screed about the dreaded (and imaginary) secular war on Christmas and Christianity (you can listen to her read some lovely passages from the book here), Walmart is conducting a real assault on another cherished American family holiday– Thanksgiving. It’s the latest development in a trend in American retailing– pushing back […]