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Where Threats Fail, Try Passive Agression

Setting aside the manufactured outrage from the Libyan London School of Economics, gushingly confused complaints from Student Union reps and whiff of snobbery towards ‘red-top’ documentaries following John Swinnie’s [EDIT: Sweeney, of course. Not that this is a Scottish blog] Uncovered trip to North Korea, one very real danger to members and organizers of [...]

What Is Korean For, “Him over there, that’s John Sweeney”

I will have to watch tonight’s Panorama programme on I-Player, as I will be attending a public meeting on allotments. Already delayed from last Monday because of Margaret Thatcher’s death, it has kicked-up a storm in the way in which John Sweeney and the rest of his production team incorporated themselves into a group [...]

Worried about North Korea? Let George Galloway calm your fears

Galloway’s rants are getting increasingly bizarre. Here is his summary of the situation in Korea, shared with Press TV’s viewers:
“North Korea has no intention to harm any of us. North Korea’s problem is with South Korea.
So that’s ok then.
South Korea exists because America invaded Korea, killed millions of people, divided the country and continues to [...]

Numerology, Nuclear Threats and Tunnocks Tea-Cakes

There perhaps are under two days before nuclear conflagration in East Asia (or a climb-down by Dear Larder and Biscuit-Snarfler in Chief in preparation for his next homicidal tantrum). Reflecting on the reasons for the timing of the current threats – and previous military tests – New Focus International referred to the Kim Dynasty’s [...]

Automatonophobia Juche-Style

As easy as it may be the laugh at the sight of the Biscuit Snarfler in Chief – the first despotic dictator to be born in the 1980s – instructing his military commanders on the KPA’s amphibious assault techniques, the reality of the infantile spite and viciousness of his Caligulan excesses remains.
New Focus International, [...]

In the Chosun of Peace We Enthuasiatically Play Chicken With Nuclear-Armed Superpowers

As he taps out a tune on the DPRK’s upright piano/radar system and announces a state of war with RoK and USA, the Dear Larder appears to have commenced on his first attempt at managed confrontation without parental advice; such as previous take-your-son-to-work days such as the shelling of Yeon Pyeong-do island in November 2010, [...]

Dennis Rodman makes a new friend

George Galloway revealed last year that he and weird former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman became “firm friends” while appearing together on “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2006.

George must be seething with jealousy now that Rodman seems to have made a new BFF.

Yes, that’s Rodman and North Korea’s Dictator for Life (and perhaps beyond) Kim Jong [...]

Then and Now (Another One About Simon Jenkins’ Being a Twat)

Richard Littlejohn in 1994:
Does anyone really give a monkey’s about what happens in Rwanda? If the Mbongo tribe wants to wipe out the Mbingo tribe then as far as I am concerned that is entirely a matter for them.
Simon Jenkins in 2012:
North Korea has fired a big rocket into the sky, put a satellite in [...]

US Analysists Confirm North Korea Success With Unha-3 Carrier Rocket

Presumably Kim Jong-il is looking down from his heavenly abode as the Dear Larder’s second attempt at placing a satellite in orbit appears to have succeeded.  Of course it is to test ICBM techology and not a weather satellite.
And, according to the Chosun Ilbo, they had help from the Iranians.
Gene adds: US officials report that the [...]

Three generations of punishment

Sometimes it’s a little too easy to laugh at what seems to us the utter absurdity of North Korea’s ruling dynasty (now in its third generation) and the worship they shamelessly encourage.
But we should never forget the sinister and brutal side of life in that hell.

Nor should we ever forget that the Communist Party of [...]