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Escape from North Korea

Watch the amazing account by Ji Seong-ho at the Oslo Freedom Forum of his triumph over repression, hunger, brutality and disability on his escape from the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea– a country whose leaders assure its population that they have “nothing to envy in this world.”

Do I need to reiterate what I think of [...]

The Korean border-crossing farce

American feminist icon Gloria Steinem has taken a lot of criticism from elements of the Left for helping to lead a CIA-funded effort to disrupt Communist-sponsored “youth festivals” in Vienna in 1959 and in Helsinki in 1962.
Old “New Leftist” Tom Hayden wrote disapprovingly in The Nation last year:
Steinem recruited about one hundred Americans into a [...]

“Made in China” by North Koreans

If you need another reason to feel badly for buying “made in China” products (and how many do you need?), consider that some of them may be produced just across the border from North Korea, in factories owned by North Koreans, employing North Korean women working 13 hours a day and earning $300 a [...]

“The Interview” is back

After pressure from President Obama, among others, the good news is that Sony Entertainment has reversed itself and agreed to a limited release on December 25 of the movie “The Interview”– a comedy about a CIA-sponsored assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.
The less-good news is that “The Interview” is, by most reports, a [...]

No joke

When I posted last June about an upcoming movie comedy depicting a CIA plot to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, I titled the post: Not coming soon to the Pyongyang multiplex.
Now, it appears, it won’t be coming to any theaters in the US either.
Sony Pictures Entertainment has dropped its plans for a Dec. [...]

Not coming soon to the Pyongyang multiplex

A movie comedy about a CIA plot to assassinate the real-life dictator of North Korea? Apparently so:

Somebody alert Keith Bennett of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist). I’d love to see his sputtering response.

North Korea denounces “crossbreed” Obama

George Galloway, Andrew Murray and Dennis Rodman notwithstanding, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is, as I observed some years ago, the most Nazi-like, openly racist state on the face of the earth.
More evidence of the North Korean obsession with racial purity emerged in a recent screed from the regime’s Korean Central News Agency.
In terms [...]

Galloway interviews Britain’s leading North Korea fanboy

Having apparently ended his long-running weekly program “The Real Deal” on Iran’s state-controlled Press TV, Bradford West MP George Galloway (along with his fourth wife Gayatri) has launched “Sputnik.” Yes, that’s really the name of his latest TV venture, a weekly program on Russia’s state-controlled RT network.
A recent show featured an excruciating interview with Keith [...]

Kim Jong-eun: Looking For More Aid (?)

As the Dear Larder points to the new haemorrhoid cream manufacture plant, the trial in the DPRK of of Korean-American Kenneth Bae has closed; whom I wrote about as his trial opened. A tour operator operating across the Sino-NK border, he had been arrested in December on vague charges of possession of illegal material [...]

Where Threats Fail, Try Passive Agression

Setting aside the manufactured outrage from the Libyan London School of Economics, gushingly confused complaints from Student Union reps and whiff of snobbery towards ‘red-top’ documentaries following John Swinnie’s [EDIT: Sweeney, of course. Not that this is a Scottish blog] Uncovered trip to North Korea, one very real danger to members and organizers of [...]