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Sanders on Cuba, Trump on China

Although I support Hillary Clinton for president, I’ve tried to be fair to Bernie Sanders.
Among other things I’ve praised his comments about the Communist regime in Vietnam during a discussion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement which he opposes:
“The minimum wage in Vietnam is 56 cents an hour,” [Sanders said]. “Workers there cannot form independent [...]

World kowtows as China cracks down on dissent

It’s appropriate that “kowtow” is a word of Chinese origin, because that’s exactly what the rest of the world is doing to the Chinese regime.
China’s campaign against dissent is going global.
Amid extraordinary moves to rein in criticism at home, Chinese security personnel are reaching confidently across borders, targeting Chinese and foreign citizens who dare to [...]

China-Israel labor deal falls through; China cracks down on labor activists

Last month we reported on a deal between the Israeli and Chinese governments that would have allowed Israeli companies to recruit 20,000 Chinese construction workers under exploitative conditions without the most basic protections of Israeli labor law.
The good news is that the deal has fallen through, perhaps in part due to the 6,300 online protests [...]

Israel/China: Stop governments’ deal to import bonded workers

Cross-posted from LabourStart
Join with Israeli and Hong Kong Workers’ Unions and Human Rights Organizations in their call to end a deal between the Israeli and Chinese Governments that will put migrant workers in a dangerously disadvantaged position. The deal, as it stands, will allow Israel to recruit 20,000 Chinese construction workers via private recruitment agencies. [...]

McDonnell quotes Mao

The infuriating thing about this is that John McDonnell actually had a reasonable, eminently debatable point about the UK government’s plan to sell stakes in major infrastructure projects to Chinese state investors– before he blew it to smithereens by flourishing and quoting from Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book.”

Even when the Corbynistas are right, they manage [...]

“Made in China” by North Koreans

If you need another reason to feel badly for buying “made in China” products (and how many do you need?), consider that some of them may be produced just across the border from North Korea, in factories owned by North Koreans, employing North Korean women working 13 hours a day and earning $300 a [...]

In China, communists and capitalists unite against democracy in Hong Kong

As tens of thousands of people fill the center of Hong Kong to demand the right to choose their leaders freely and democratically, the communist government in Beijing reached out– not to the demonstrators but to Hong Kong’s business elite.
With political tension in the southern Chinese financial hub at its highest in years, China’s leaders [...]

Uighur moderate Ilham Tohti sentenced to life in prison

In response to unrest and separatism, including acts of terrorism, China has imposed collective punishments on Muslims living in Xinjiang.  Restrictions have been imposed on Islamic dress, including hijab and beards – in the city of Karamay anyone wearing such items has been banned from using the bus service.
In a recent sweep of Urumqi, the [...]

Enjoy your Chinese-made decorations

National Public Radio’s program “All Things Considered” reports on Stuart Foster, an American who spent seven months in a Chinese jail on charges of theft. He and other inmates were forced to make Christmas lights for the US market under terrible conditions with no pay.

“In the cell, there was an average of 30 men,”says Foster, [...]

Stalin and Mao applaud

The Washington Post reports on the Chinese government’s use of an old Stalinist standby– coerced public confessions– against critics of the regime:

Chinese state television on Sunday broadcast a startling video of a famous blogger in handcuffs, renouncing his Web posts and saying how dangerous the Internet would be if left uncontrolled by the government.
The 10-minute [...]