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Archive for 'Dress Down Friday'

“Bye bye New Jersey, I’ve become airborne”

With the unveiling of the latest prototype of the Slovak-made “AeroMobil,” perhaps we are getting closer to the era of the flying car. Or not.

the fourth prototype of the flying car, the ‘aeromobil 3.0′ features a number of advanced technologies that shortens its take-off time. it transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane, [...]

This headline may explain a lot

I’m just not sure what.

Which One Of You Losers Nicked My Fiqh?

For non-British readers, here is the unedited original.
Nice. Mature.

Hipsters, rednecks and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer

To overwhelming and deserved ridicule, the Republican party recently posted these videos to YouTube, featuring young urban hipster Scott Greenberg:

There may have been clumsier and more cringe-inducing attempts by a political party to reach beyond its base, but I’m not aware of them.
Still, I can understand the party’s need to reach out to hipsters, among [...]


This is a cross-post by Marc Goldberg
I never turn my computer off unless I absolutely have to, it’s enough to let it go to sleep when I go home. My biggest fear is that someone will notice that I don’t have anything work related on my screen during the day but turning the computer off [...]

Headline of the year

A new contender:

Does it beat this?

Recreating England in southwest Virginia

For those who think I too often stick my nose into British affairs: maybe there’s just some sort of mystical connection between here and there.
First there was Foamhenge here in Rockbridge County.

Now there’s Doctor Who’s phone booth in Franklin County.

What’s next?

Colorization done right

As a general rule I can’t stand colorized versions of black and white photos, so these are a revelation.

Instead of making the people and events look less real, as colorization usually does, they make them even more immediate and powerful.

Blame Hemingway

Who would have believed that a 1926 novel that begins, “Robert Cohn was once middleweight boxing champion of Princeton” would eventually lead to injuries and possible deaths next week at Virginia Motorsports Park near Richmond?
Of course The Sun Also Rises also includes a description of the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Hemingway [...]

Do you dress (down) to the left or the right?

I quite enjoyed this piece by Dan Hodges yesterday on the ‘left wing mandatory tweet’ – it prompted me to have an anxious check through my timeline to make sure I had filled my LMT quota. This was perhaps my favourite:
5) “Solidarity with x”. Every member of the Left must send a “solidarity” tweet once [...]