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Labour Leadership 2016

This is a cross-post from Gerasites
As you will know, the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has ruled that Jeremy Corbyn will be on the ballot for the upcoming Labour Leadership election. What you will also have heard is that Labour Party members (and members of affiliated groups, such as Unite or Labour Friends of [...]

Hope Not Hate’s petition against withdrawal of rescue funding

Here’s a reminder of the issues at stake:
A Home Office minister has urged that emergency rescue operations of drowning migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean “be stopped at the earliest possible opportunity” despite being told his approach amounted to “a barbaric abandonment of British values”.
Hope Not Hate has launched a petition protesting against the decision [...]

Joint Israel/Palestine fundraiser concert this weekend

By contrast with the earlier post about Israeli artists being silenced in Edinburgh, here’s some news of a positive and constructive response to the conflict in Gaza from three young British women of different backgrounds:
A joint Israeli and Arab fundraiser promoting Muslim and Jewish unity is set to take place at a church following what [...]

A short interview with the founder of Don’t Hate, Donate.

This is a guest post by Ahmed Rushdi.
Readers of HP might have stumbled on a website called ‘Don’t Hate, Donate‘. It’s a website set-up by Alex Higgins, a left-wing activist shortly after Margaret Thatcher’s death. The website calls on people to donate to a number of good causes as a response to Thatcher’s idea that ‘there is [...]

Defend Indian Rationalist Sanal Edamaruku

Please join the Rationalist Association (UK) in condemning the misuse of Indian law by several Catholic organisations to silence a campaigner against superstition. In March 2012, following his exposure of a supposed miracle at a Catholic Church in Mumbai as nothing more than the result of a leak, a complaint was lodged against Sanal Edamaruku [...]

IUF slams human trafficking in Thailand

The IUF is inviting signatures to a petition against human rights abuses in a Thailand shrimp factory which is also a major supplier to Walmart:
The workers, from Cambodia and Burma, protested the seizure of their passports by factory owners in Thailand. Police were called. Shots were fired.
It wasn’t just the passport seizure that incited the [...]

Sisters fight back against Hyatt sacking decision

Last year Martha Reyes and her sister Lorena, both working as housekeepers at the Santa Clara Hyatt, were sacked shortly after they had complained about offensive posters, in which their faces had been superimposed onto pictures of bikini-clad women.  These posters had allegedly been made by hotel managers, and used in order to mock and [...]

Talk:What impact is the ‘Arab Spring’ having on the region’s minorities?

This is a press release from Harif and Spiro Ark
Harif and Spiro Ark are proud to present
What impact is the ‘Arab Spring’ having on the region’s minorities?
Tuesday 20 March, 7.30pm
With Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi
The Assyrians and Chaldeans are fleeing Iraq. Some 100,000 Coptic Christians are reported to have left Egypt , where churches [...]

Nick Cohen speaking at LSE

This is a guest post by LSE SU Liberal Society
Tomorrow evening, the newly founded LSE SU Liberal Society will be holding its first official event. The event, open to the public, will feature Nick Cohen, co-author of the Euston manifesto and a journalist for the Observer speaking ‘in conversation with’ Daniel Johnson, the editor of [...]

Welcome to ‘Exposing the truth about the Global March to Jerusalem’

This is a cross post from the ‘Exposing the truth about the Global March to Jerusalem’ website.
As was the case in previous years, a series of high-profile publicity stunts aimed at undermining Israel’s legitimacy are planned for the coming months.
The first major event is scheduled to take place on March 30th, 2012 and is named [...]