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Archive for 'Disability Rights'

Making The Disabled Heard Beyond Party Politics

This is a cross-post from homo economicus by John Sargeant
The hashtag generation demands that it be heard, and when you question what it is demanding expect your points not to matter. For the message of the hashtag, the emotions and passion are the thing.
My points on #CameronMustGo are very clear. It is one thing to [...]

Vile letter to a mother with a disabled child – and my reply

This is a cross-post by John Sargeant from homo economicus

Dear Pissed Off Mother,
This lady also lives in the neighbourhood. Not only does she have to look after someone who has severe learning difficulties – something you clearly cannot comprehend with your “normal” children – she now has you to contend with.
How selfish of her to [...]

Warnings over impact of cuts on elderly and disabled people

Cuts to the revenue local authorities receive from central Government is hitting support for the sick and disabled.  A report in today’s Independent lists some of the ways in which services are being cut around the country:
Darlington council will tighten its criteria to provide care only to those classed as critical and substantial from December after [...]

AtoS In the News

After requiring considerable persuasion to pull the plug on stocking News International publications following the hacking of Millie Dowder’s mobile phone – as numerable private companies were doing so – I would expect the Co-op to be more attuned to defending the little person against the corporate behemoth.
One such opportunity soon will be when their [...]

Bradford Muslim women against Galloway

A detailed account in the Guardian’s Northerner Blog of a Galloway ’sermon’ to Muslim women in Bradford.
Galloway used the meeting as an attempt to rebuild his support among Muslim women, following his appalling comments about rape. It seems Muslim women, like most women and must people in general weren’t particularly impressed by G.G’s view [...]

Galloway says he’s sorry about “window-licker”

George “The Inserter” Galloway apologizes from Indonesia for his use of the term “window-licker,” which he says he did not know was an offensive term for mentally disabled people.
He says he should have used the word “moron” instead. Which, um, is also an outdated and now offensive term for mentally disabled people.
(Hat tip: Martin Ohr, [...]

Atos and the Paralympics

Atos’s role as sponsor for the Paralympics is coming under scrutiny following reports that it is not conducting work assessments properly.   According to the Independent, over 40 doctors working for Atos have been reported for professional misconduct, and many are asserting that they are mis-classifying physically and mentally disabled people as fit for work. Among [...]

Time Limiting ESA

I’d like to pass on a request from Sue Marsh to consider contacting Liberal Democrat peers if you are concerned by the impact of one aspect of the Goverment’s welfare reforms on the sick and disabled. This is the proposal that the contributory employment support allowance (ESA) will be time-limited to one year for [...]