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Archive for 'Democracy'

Democracy worldwide: “the warning signs are flashing red”

The New York Times reports on a study on the current state of democratic government in the world. And it’s not looking good.
Yascha Mounk, a lecturer in government at Harvard, and Roberto Stefan Foa, a political scientist at the University of Melbourne, concluded that democracies are not as secure and stable as most of us [...]

The dance of democracy

I was in Jordan once during an election. I knew nothing of the the parties or Jordan’s constitution but there were huge posters of the faces of the candidates, including women without hijabs. I got the impression of a lively democratic dance, unlike Syria across the border, where the only bill-boarded faces were chinless dictator [...]

How Erdogan targets British Turks via the Turkish Consulate in London

This is a cross-post from As Turkey Sleeps.
Erdogan’s anti-democratic actions have caused much negative publicity in recent years – so much so that any positive work he did in the early part of his rule has now been totally wiped out by his autocratic behaviour.  Now when his name is mentioned only one word comes to [...]

The Rebel Yell on Facebook

My piece on the railways made the obvious point that as trains were an unstoppable technology transforming society, so for us are computers. We have seen from recruiting jihadis and social media exchanges, which was one thing that stoked up the Yes vote in the indyref, how the internet is changing politics.
This article by Kevin [...]

Turkish democracy erodes further after last week’s twin bomb blasts

By Abi Adnan Oktar
Turkey was shaken last weekend as two bombs exploded during a peace rally in Ankara, killing 128 people and injuring another 500. The rally was organised by several groups, including the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), to call for an end to the escalating violence between the Turkish government and the PKK. Footage [...]

Secular party leads in Tunisian elections

Encouraging and worthy of note:
Tunisia’s main secular opposition party was claiming victory on Monday over once-dominant Islamists in the country’s historic parliamentary elections.
Partial results from the official election commission were expected to be released throughout the day Monday, but the Nida Tunis (Tunis Calls) party cited exit polls to say it has won more seats [...]

In China, communists and capitalists unite against democracy in Hong Kong

As tens of thousands of people fill the center of Hong Kong to demand the right to choose their leaders freely and democratically, the communist government in Beijing reached out– not to the demonstrators but to Hong Kong’s business elite.
With political tension in the southern Chinese financial hub at its highest in years, China’s leaders [...]

A Democrat Wrote

Tychy is a switherer on the upcoming Scottish referendum, and one point which would help decide for him would be the possibility of a restructured relationship between the EU and all its member states. In November last year, he wrote
Let us think the unthinkable. Just imagine for a moment that the supranational institutions of [...]

Anne Applebaum: Republicans are endangering democracy

Anne Applebaum, the author of Gulag and Iron Curtain, is about as politically moderate and even-handed as they come. So perhaps it’s worth paying attention when she writes from Warsaw:
From my perch overseas, I’ve also been watching the run-up to the government shutdown in Washington. At times, I have tried to explain it to bemused [...]

Venezuelan democracy watch

“…and that’s where you’ll put the giant portrait of Chairman Mao, er, Comandante Chavez.”

Fans of the People’s Republic and the Bolivarian Republic may consider this excellent news (I’m expecting a celebratory post about it any moment at Socialist Unity); but for more genuine advocates of democracy and human rights, it’s hardly a promising sign.
Noticias 24 [...]