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“I am now the president of everybody”

Yes, Sepp Blatter actually said that when he was reelected as president of FIFA on Friday.
I dunno, Sepp. I don’t think you’re the president of me. At least not yet.
It’s telling that his reformist, anti-corruption challenger for the presidency is a Jordanian prince.
Meanwhile, I see that the Stoppers have heavily edited their piece alleging that [...]

The power of Zionists over FIFA

Geoff Lee of the Palestine Solidarity Committee explains it all to you at the Stopper website:

Displaying a remarkable non-understanding of international law, Lee writes that the US government “ordered” the Swiss authorities to arrest and extradite six FIFA officials to block the organization from expelling Israel from world football competition.
Never mind corruption, exploitation of foreign [...]

FIFA corruption non-shocker

The Washington Post reports:
The Justice Department unsealed a 47 count indictment early Wednesday charging 14 world soccer figures, including officials of FIFA, with racketeering, bribery, money laundering and fraud. Four of those accused, including two sports marketing companies, have already pleaded guilty and are likely to be cooperating.
Among the “alleged schemes,” said the Justice Department, [...]

The Paedophile School Teacher and the Sentence: A Comment

This is a cross post from Under the Ocular Tree.

The background case is that in the 1980s a teacher at Carmel College in Oxfordshire had groomed a 13 year old girl with whom he engaged in sex acts when she was 14. The case has recently come to court and the teacher has been sentenced [...]

Eddie Shah’s Conceit

This is a cross-post from A Very Public Sociologist

Given Eddie Shah’s anti-union history, I’m quite pleased to see him drag his own name through the mud. But his comments that basically amount to “sometimes, underage girls are gagging for it” still, unfortunately, has wide currency.
Let’s get some things out the way. Since Freud, if not before, childhood sexuality [...]

A link between lead and crime?

I’m not a toxicologist, a criminologist or a statistician (and I’d be interested to hear from anyone with expertise in these fields). But I think Kevin Drum at Mother Jones makes a compelling case for a causal relationship between the rise and fall of violent crime rates in the US and other countries and the [...]

Venezuelan government will provide security– for a price

Here’s the latest wrinkle in Hugo Chavez’s “Bolivarian Socialism”: a state-owned private security company.

Meet Corposervica (Corporation of Services of Vigilance and Security), the new organization in charge of protecting homes, offices, and government premises.
So having utterly failed to manage Venezuela’s out-of-control violent crime via the police, the National Guard, etc., the Chavez government has decided [...]

Performing a Citizen’s Arrest

Jack of Kent did:
It is a Saturday morning last June.
I am at a suburban train station seeing my friend off. The train doors begin to shut, and I step back, ready to wave.
To my left, with the corner of my eye, I see someone sprinting from the front of the train.
“That’s funny,” I thought, [...]

Inciting fresh riots: Who’s who?

A group calling itself “Coalition of Resistance: Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay” is organising an event called “Riots, Recession, Resistance” at the University of London. From the title they appear very keen to re-brand the criminal riots blighting London and other cities around the UK as “resistance” and somehow a reaction to “recession” and thus lending [...]

Johnson and Livingstone charged over London Riots.

Laura Johnson, the daughter of a millionaire was charged with stealing £5000 worth of electronic goods from a Comet in Charlton.  Micha Livingstone and his brother Icha, both college students were charged with looting a Curry’s store in Brixton.
The three were part of a riot by the disposessed and disenfranchised section of society protesting exclusion [...]