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    Imam Shakeel Begg Vs the BBC – STATEMENT OF THE TRUSTEES

    This is a cross-post from the Lewisham Islamic Centre (October 29th, 2016) Following Mr Justice Haddon-Cave’s judgement against Imam Shakeel Begg in his libel suit against the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), we the Trustees of The Lewisham Islamic Centre (LIC) confirm our unequivocal and unwavering continued support of our Head Imam. We reassert that Imam Begg is not an extremist, has never espoused extremist views, nor is he by any stretch of the imagination an extremist speaker. Imam Begg will shortly release a personal statement countering what in our opinion was an unfair and pervasively one sided judgement. Imam Begg has been the Imam at the LIC for more than…

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    John “Joker” McDonnell

    Another day, another reminder of what John McDonnell is really like. This time these remarks in 2013 are in the news. Yes, Labour’s shadow chancellor did welcome the financial crisis. Yes, he did tell supporters that he’d “been waiting for this for a generation”. But don’t take it the wrong way. It was just a bit of banter. Only a bit of fun. “It was a joke,” protested John McDonnell this afternoon, at a leadership campaign event for Jeremy Corbyn in London. “I think it was taken as a joke. If you listen to the tape, people fell about laughing.” Oh my sides. But come now, Mr McDonnell. Isn’t this…

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    “Celebrating” April Fools Day in Aleppo, Syria

    Fun April Fools' Day signs from Aleppo city today pic.twitter.com/0K0F0V8zIc — Elizabeth Tsurkov (@Elizrael) April 1, 2016 Also, take a few minutes to listen to this interview with French journalist Nicolas Henin, who was held prisoner by the Islamic State for almost a year: particularly his view on the role of the Syrian regime in the rise of IS. Finally: Before you buy into the Assad and Putin regimes’ narrative about “liberating” the historic town of Palmyra from IS, read this account by journalist Rasha Elass: Assad has engaged in a cynical game of “tactical withdrawals” and months of ignoring Islamic State as the terror group quickly swallowed one third…

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    RIP Bob Elliott

    Bob Elliott, who with his late partner Ray Goulding formed the comedy duo of Bob and Ray in the 1940s and continued performing for decades, has died at the age of 92. One of their classic deadpan routines involved an interview about Komodo Dragons (Bob is the interviewee). I’m sure we’ve all had conversations that went something like this:

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    Setting the record straight: comments at Cheadle mosque, 2014

    This is a cross-post from Sufyan Ismail, CEO of MEND I want to take the opportunity to address some questions and comments that have attempted to hinder MEND’s work on the ground and with stakeholder communities by vested interests who try, to different degrees, to criticise our work without paying much attention to what it is we actually do. Last year, I gave a talk at Cheadle mosque in Greater Manchester. The event was recorded and a video of the session was put on YouTube. Excerpts from the session later appeared on Harry’s Place, the notorious pro-Zionist, Islamophobic website which constantly tries to tarnish politically engaged British Muslims with the…

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    Halal in the Family

    A sitcom parody about an American Muslim family desperately trying to prove their American-ness. And here’s a report on NPR about two young American Muslim women who have created a podcast called #GoodMuslimBadMuslim— one of whom identifies herself as a “pork-eating, alcohol-drinking, premarital-sex-having Muslim.”