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Is this really the only alternative to Corbynism?

Wealthy Britons remain among the world’s most comfortable people, enjoying lavish homes, private medical care, top-notch schools and restaurants run by chefs from Paris and Tokyo. The poor, the elderly, the disabled and the jobless are increasingly prone to Kafka-esque tangles with the bureaucracy to keep public support.
“The hard left has never been very clear [...]

Two versions of Jesus

On the subject of Jesus, there are two contradictory ways that people on the Left have looked at him.
One, expressed by the British singer-songwriter Leon Rosselson in “Stand up for Judas,” portrays Jesus as a sell-out to the Romans, dividing the poor into believers and non-believers and preaching quiescence in the face of suffering and [...]

He said it; I didn’t


Another “anti-business” movie for kids; another Fox snit

Remember a couple of years ago when Fox Business host Eric Bolling asked: “Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to brainwash our kids?”
The topic was the new Muppets movie, which featured a villainous oil baron called Tex Richman.
Kermit and Miss Piggy had as good a response as anyone.
More recently Fox Business took on the new [...]

Class warfare alert

More evidence that most Americans fit the Republican idea of envious redistributionist class warriors.
When asked what would do more to reduce poverty, 54% of all Americans say raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations in order to expand programs for the poor. Fewer (35%) believe that lowering taxes on the wealthy to encourage investment and [...]

Quote of the day

“I am grateful that Occupy Wall Street turned out to be a bunch of crazy, disgusting, rude, horrible people, because they were onto something.”
–Republican political and business consultant Frank Luntz, quoted in a fascinating profile by Molly Ball

Fox News presents “It’s a Wonderful Life”

A couple of years ago I wondered:
If Fox Business [a spinoff from Fox News] had been around in 1946, what would the spiritual ancestors of Eric Bolling, Dan Gainor and Andrea Tantaros have said about the portrayal of Mr. Potter the banker in Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

I think the name “Joseph Stalin” would [...]

Boris Johnson on people as cornflakes; Charlotte Hays on “white trash”

The New York Times has picked up on the brouhaha over recent remarks by London Mayor Boris Johnson which had even Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg calling him a “careless elitist.”
Mr. Johnson is no scientist, but he has stepped into the kind of debate over the relationship of I.Q. to race and poverty that has [...]

Randian proposes complete tax exemption for the rich

Guest post by Andrew Murphy
You have to give libertarians credit; they know how to push the proverbial envelope. At, self-described philosopher and Ayn Rand devotee Harry Binswanger suggests that anybody who makes over $1 million dollars a year should be exempt from taxation.
In Mr. Binswanger’s dystopian future ,the middle class would see their [...]

Ninety-two years ago: aerial assault on West Virginia miners

In August and September of 1921 during the Battle of Blair Mountain– “the largest armed rebellion since the American Civil War”– West Virginia coal miners faced off against local, state and federal law enforcement and agents of the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency, acting on behalf of coal company operators during an effort by the United [...]