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Go to Jail (Not)

6 years in Ecuador embassy to avoid arrest
6 months in Wandsworth Prison for skipping bail
Which would you choose?
Wandsworth Prison – institutional food, dodgy fellow prisoners, mail bags to sew, no view
6 years in Ecuador embassy – unlimited internet, balcony, chance to influence American elections, visits from that Bay Watch chick and George Galloway….
Wandsworth here we [...]

I can’t find Woody Allen funny anymore

About a year ago, I raised the question: Can we admire talented abusers?
I mentioned, among others, Woody Allen, who had been accused of molesting his adoptive daughter Dylan when she was seven years old.
The controversy about Allen was recently reignited when he received the Golden Globe lifetime achievement award.
Now New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof [...]

Can we admire talented abusers?

Somewhat related to the question of how we should relate to the works of an offensively homophobic author is the question– raised by Aly Neel– of how we should feel about celebrities who engage in, apologize for or approve of domestic violence (Chris Brown, Rihanna, Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen, Eminem, Sean Connery), alleged child molestation [...]