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    Ten reasons we should compromise and consider taking the Norwegian option, by Alan Johnson

    ‘Norway is not a member of the EU but it is part of the European Economic Area (EEA), and therefore the EU’s single market. Having a deal like Norway’s means joining the EEA and having almost the same level of tariff- and barrier-free trade with EU countries as we have now, plus the ability to strike our own trade deals with non-EU countries. It also means accepting a significant proportion of EU law, including the “four freedoms”— the free movement of goods, services, people and capital.’ (Full Fact, the UK’s Independent Factchecking Charity) ‘The concept of compromise is not particularly in vogue, especially among young idealists. This is because it is perceived as an…

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    It takes a Nationalist to love a Fascist

    Putin’s Lord Haw Haws – why does the UK continue to tolerate Russian propagandists and useful idiots? – this article begins. I can’t see how a liberal democracy can do anything but “tolerate” them. Still, it is marked how the arch nationalists, Farage and Salmond, are admirers of Putin and appear on Russia Today.  Meanwhile Nicola Sturgeon hit out at the “highly likely” poisoning. She is a less grandiose nationalist than her predecessor. She was annoyed with him appearing on Russia Today. Incredibly however, since the poisoning of Skripal, his daughter and Nick Bailey on the 4th of March – some of the loudest self-professed patriots in the land have…

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    Note to Douglas Carswell

    Everyone who voted in the referendum, whichever way, should read this – and worry about lawyers-in-wigs subverting our say https://t.co/pG1erq7mxl — Douglas Carswell MP (@DouglasCarswell) November 17, 2016 UK Supreme Court justices and lawyers appearing have long since dispensed with court dress. @stellacreasy I'd scrap Judicial Appointments Commissars and open up the judicial oligarchy we have in this country — Douglas Carswell MP (@DouglasCarswell) November 17, 2016 The correct term for rule by judges is kritarchy. @stellacreasy perfectly possible to democratise judicial appointments without interfering in courts. See other countries for details — Douglas Carswell MP (@DouglasCarswell) November 17, 2016 Where does he think he is? Scotland?

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    Then and Now

    Perhaps Sturgeon’s Law should be applied to any public statements by the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon is actively considering the possibility of investigating the means of opposing Theresa May’s appeal against the High Court’s ruling that control has been taken back for the Commons and the Executive does not have free-rein with Royal Prerogative. The rule of law remains sacrosanct. Except where you and your Party are introducing majoritarian demagogue table-thumping populism to the political culture, and seeking to hobble an unelected judiciary – in particular, the London-based Courts – I assume. No harm ever could come from that. Meanwhile, former Scottish government minister, Alex Neil (last seen looking for a…

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    Then and Now

    Nicola Sturgeon, July 2016: “People from EU countries are an important part of Scotland’s future. I am therefore seeking immediate guarantees from the Prime Minister, and all Conservative leadership candidates, that the residency status and the other existing rights of the 173,000 EU nationals living in Scotland will remain unchanged, now or in the future. This is a commitment that can and should be made and enforced now.” Nicola Sturgeon, July 2014: DEPUTY First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has warned that ­keeping an independent ­Scotland out of the EU could mean people from other European nations living in Scotland could “lose the right to stay here”. Can someone tell me the…

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    Where do we go from here?

    Guest post by Sackcloth & Ashes The events of the morning of the 24th June have come as something of a shock to me. I’m not going to say that it was the worst day of my life, as it would be a fatuous assertion lacking in a sense of proportion. I’ve lost both my parents, I remember crying over footage of 9/11 and other terrorist barbarities, had friends of mine wounded in war (and wondered if they would make it through the day), and have had far worse moments than one in which an exercise in democracy did not go the way I wanted to. I am, and will…

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    These are just some of the incidents that people are reporting. How many others are going unmentioned? I think the decent non-racist Leavers now have a more important task than finding a way out of the EU. Update: Check out this Facebook page. It chronicles acts of compassion and solidarity as well as acts of hatred and vileness.

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    Notice anything?

    Turnout % of each age group in the #EURefResults: 18-24: 36%25-34: 58%35-44: 72%45-54: 75%55-64: 81%65+: 83% via @SkyData — MLMS (@mylifemysay) June 25, 2016 Compare and contrast: HOW AGES VOTED(YouGov poll)18-24: 75% Remain25-49: 56% Remain50-64: 44% Remain65+: 39% Remain#EUref — Ben Riley-Smith (@benrileysmith) June 23, 2016 Of course in a vote this close, you have your choice of “what-ifs.” As an election data junkie, I’m curious if there are similar breakdowns by income and education. Alec adds: I was speaking with Aaron Banks of Leave, and he told me I could stay in this country if I told him which was his glass eye. Easy, I said, that one. Yes!…