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Archive for 'Breivik Left'

Labour MPs describe inhuman Palestinian conditions in Lebanon, then call for boycott of Israel

From Richard Millett

Kaufman calls for boycott of Israel. Andy Slaughter on his left and Jeremy Corbyn (scratching).

There were more surreal ongoings at Parliament on Monday night when the Palestinian Return Centre held a seminar on the Palestinian refugees, which was attended by four Labour MPs.
I was banned from filming and photographing by the organisers eventhough there [...]

Labour and Hamas: Ian Murray MP

This is possibly one of the stupidest comments I have ever read about the leader of the terrorist rabble that is Hamas:
We were able to meet with Ismail Haniyeh who is recognised as PM in Gaza, heading up the successful Hamas Parliamentary Group. He is a popular figure, living modestly and locally in Gaza. [...]

Guardian publishes praise of Hamas from Palestine Telegraph writer

The Guardian has published a piece by Nader Elkhuzundar this evening. Elkhuzundar writes:
Hamas has always been the spike in Israel’s throat. The latter took advantage of this and tightened up the siege on the Gaza Strip, in the name of “self defence” and anti-terrorism acts. The Gazan border is almost always closed. [...]
Hamas has slowly stripped the [...]