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Archive for 'Bosnia'

Sarajevo Roses

This is a cross-post by Rob Francis
Sometimes, when you walk through the beautiful streets and alleyways of Sarajevo’s Baščaršija, you might come across a patch of red resin in the concrete underfoot. These are “Sarajevo Roses”; scars in the ground where a mortar shell fired by Bosnian Serbs landed, later filled in with resin to [...]

Anger boils over in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Guest post by Suada
Over the past several days, the largest and most violent demonstrations since 1992 have erupted in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The protests began in the city of Tuzla on 5 February, a city with a long left-wing working class tradition (in the 1980s it demonstrated in support of British coal miners against Margret Thatcher, and inter-ethnic [...]

Huff and Puff on Srebrenica genocide denial

This is a cross-post by Homo Economicus
Robert Spencer has invited me to arrange a debate with him. I would agree that Twitter limits proper detailed exchanges, but it does reveal the nature of how someone debates. Blogs also provide an ability to discuss things and time to respond. So first let us talk about Srebrenica [...]