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Archive for 'Boris and the RCP'

The Return of the RCP to London City Hall

By Helpful Herbert.
Harry’s Place has since Boris’ election in 2008 highlighted both the shadowy goings on under the last mayor Ken Livingstone (Lee Jasper, Lutfur Rahman, that sort of thing) and the perhaps more amusing but slightly sinister arrangement between the Tory inner circle and the ever opportunistic and miasma-like Spiked-Online/RCP set up.  A neat summary of [...]


So, we have the first Boris-RCP related furore.
It was blogger Dave Hill who had the story first. He’d seen a draft poster for the Rise festival, and noticed that it didn’t proclaim itself an “anti-racist” event. Then, the Socialist Action front group, the National Association Against Racism got their act into gear, and issued a press release:
‘We were [...]

Defend the Routemaster!

In spite of those here who naturally sneered at my employment with Boris Johnson as his community affairs adviser, I bring good news from City Hall.  Whilst Boris’ cancellation of the Morning Star subscription was regrettable (even if it’s a rag devoted to propping up deformed workers’ states), his staff were thankful to me for [...]

The Standard Notices the RCP

Well, sort of:
Munira Mirza is a founding member of a group campaigning against the Tube alcohol ban and in support of Heathrow expansion.
The 30-year-old Muslim sat on the Manifesto Club’s steering committee until taking up her £80,000-a-year post as the Mayor’s director of arts and culture.
Her group also opposes laws to strengthen the vetting of [...]

Claire 4 Boris

The senior Revolutionary Communist Party activist, Claire Fox, is very upset on Boris’ behalf, about some Facebook groups:
Have you joined the ‘Boris: Not in my name’ Facebook group yet?
What about ‘There’s a special place in hell for you if you voted for Boris Johnson’ group? Or, my personal favourite, dripping with contempt for anyone who [...]

The RCP ♥ Boris

Hot on the heels of Boris’ appointment of Munira Mirza, there’s a nice piece on CiF this morning in praise of London’s new Mayor by Revolutionary Communist Party activist, Emily Hill. Emily’s view is that Boris should be more openly libertarian, and should reject attempts to rein him in.
I wonder whether the RCP’s love affair [...]

Boris is Entered by the Revolutionary Communist Party

Well, this is impressive.
Most of us are familiar with “entryism“: the process by which one political party works within another political party, so as better to advance its own political agenda.
It is largely Left wing groups which practice entryism. In the United Kingdom, it is the Labour Party which is usually the target of such [...]