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Archive for 'antisemitism'

‘Palestine Live and Me’

This is a cross-post by Jonathan Hoffman – and also a press statement by Thomas Tallon
Last Wednesday David Collier brilliantly exposed a cesspit of antisemitism in the secret Facebook group ‘Palestine Live’ (3,279 members).
The following Press Statement has been issued by Thomas Tallon. While I do not agree with Thomas about the Disputed Territories, I salute [...]

Alison Chabloz cross-examined

This is a cross-post by Jonathan Hoffman
On 7 March Alison Chabloz was cross-examined by the CPS’s barrister, Karen Robinson. Grinning and adopting  a persona of bemused innocence, Chabloz repeatedly pleaded that her songs – said to be grossly offensive – were artistic creations which should benefit from artistic licence. She even claimed that the use [...]

Farrakhan and the Women’s March organisers

While giving the Saviour’s Day address in Chicago last week, Louis Farrakhan came out with a whole series of vilely antisemitic remarks:
He claimed that “the powerful Jews are my enemy,” and “the Jews have control over agencies of those agencies of government” like the FBI. He also charged that Jews are “the mother and father [...]

KCL – will someone please protect the Jewish students?

This is a cross-post by David Collier
12th Feb 2018, Kings College London (KCL). Former Deputy Prime-Minister Israeli Dan Meridor had been invited to speak on the campus. The event was arranged by The Pinsker Center, KCL Israel Society and City Israel Society. The majority of those attending were Jewish students. Because of increasing intimidation, KCL Israel Society [...]

It’s Not All Bad News for Jewish Students on American Campuses

With the endless spats of anti-Semitism within our major political parties and a constant stream of “anti-Zionist” claptrap coming out of universities on both sides of the Atlantic, it’s nice to hear some good news about being Jewish on campus:
A recent Brandeis University study of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment on American college campuses finds information completely [...]

Roshan Salih – Champion of Holocaust Deniers

The self-styled “journalist” Roshan Salih is troubled by Holocaust denial. Very troubled. You see, some people really don’t like it and speak up about it. Ashitha Nagesh, for example, writing in Metro.
This is infuriating. Salih knows what is really going on:

So now you know. Holocaust denial is not a horror. [...]

Amnesty’s double standards

Amnesty International has quite a track record when it comes to dubious judgement calls. Most readers will remember when they teamed up with Cage – and the disgraceful way they went on to treat Gita Sahgal when she raised fully legitimate concerns.
They’ve also hosted Middle East Monitor (MEMO) – Tim Llewellyn was a guest speaker. [...]

Jews denied entry to eugenics libel event at the University of Warwick

This is a cross-post by David Collier
Last night, at the University of Warwick, Faculty arranged a public talk that accused Israel of eugenics. Let us digest a simple truth. Like with most medical or technological innovations, Israel is a global powerhouse in fertility treatment. Every Israeli citizen, regardless of race, religion or colour, receives equal treatment. [...]

The shortlisted Labour candidate who shared antisemitic memes

Michelle Harris has been shortlisted to stand as the Labour candidate in Amber Rudd’s (very marginal) seat of Hastings and Rye.  Her previous form with regard to antisemitism was revealed a few days ago by @GnasherJew, an account dedicated to exposing Labour antisemitism.  One particularly egregious moment came in 2014 when she shared a David [...]

Twitter Cracks Down on Far Right Users

Twitter changed their platform policies, resulting in a number of British and American right-wing accounts being banned.  From Taylor Lorenz:
Far-right U.K. political group Britain First was one of the first accounts to be suspended, along with its affiliates including Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen. Three of Fransen’s anti-Muslim viral video tweets, one of which featured [...]