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Archive for 'antisemitism'

Liddle and Murray on Muslims

According to Georg Christoph Lichtenberg ‘the most dangerous untruths are truths moderately distorted’, and neither Rod Liddle nor Douglas Murray, in their respective recent posts on matters Muslim, gets things completely wrong.
Liddle opens ‘It’s OK to mention anti-Semitic attacks – but not who commits them’ with a droll account of his recent run in with [...]

July 2014: UK antisemitism reflections

This is a cross-post from the Community Security Trust (CST)

Photo: Synagogue in Hove, 2nd August (credit: by F.Sharpe)
July 2014 now joins January 2009 as a month when war between Israel and Hamas caused antisemitism to spew forth across Britain. If this latest round of Middle East violence has now ended, then we may expect the antisemitism to gradually diminish: but this hatred has again been revealed, even if [...]

Sleepwalking back to the 1930s; UK Jewry’s Crisis of Leadership

This is a guest post by Jacob Lyons
The single greatest lie in Jewish history is “this time it’s different”.

The definition of appeasement is: “to yield or concede to the belligerent demands of (a nation, group, person, etc.) in a conciliatory effort, sometimes at the expense of justice or other principles”. If this rings a bell [...]

“Palestine Solidarity” spokesman blames synagogue vandalism on Jews

It may not be flat-out antisemitism, but it’s the closest thing to it: When Jews in the diaspora are called upon to denounce Israel.
For example during Operation Cast Lead in 2009, the late Hugo Chavez insisted that Venezuela’s Jews condemn the Israeli government.
“Now I hope that the Venezuelan Jewish community speaks out against this barbarism. [...]

Steven Beller’s dismissal of antisemitism

Antony Lerman has just posted the most extraordinary piece by Dr Steven Beller on his blog. It opens:
I am not sure ‘antisemitism’ is the right term any more for the hostility in Europe to Israel and the Jewish communities in Europe, which, on the evidence of this article, appears now to be mainly coming from [...]

Hungarian mayor presides over “hanging” of Netanyahu and Peres

The Jobbik-affiliated mayor of the eastern Hungarian town of Érpatak (population 1,855), Mihály Zoltán Orosz, has presided over the hanging in effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and former President Shimon Peres.
You can watch the grotesque ceremony here:

Note the replacement of the Star of David on the Israeli flag with the Freemason symbol, reminding [...]

Israeli show cancelled at Edinburgh Fringe

Anti-Israel protestors have forced the cancellation of ‘The City’, a show produced by Jerusalem-based Incubator Theatre, and part-funded by the Israeli government. The campaign was led by several leading Scottish writers, including Alaisdair Gray and Liz Lochhead.
Dozens of members of the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign showed up to picket the performance, demonstrating against Israel’s policies [...]

Time to stand in solidarity with Britain’s Jewish community

Cross-posted from Hope Not Hate
Aside from the use of the imprecise term “Islamophobia” (as opposed to “anti-Muslim bigotry”), this is an excellent statement from Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate about the antisemtism that has emerged in recent weeks. He is quite right to ask where the solidarity is this time around.

Last summer HOPE not [...]

Antisemitic ambassador quits

After blogger Eva S. Balogh and others called attention to the vicious antisemitism expressed by Hungary’s newly-appointed ambassador to Rome Péter Szentmihályi Szabó, he has told the foreign ministry that he “does not wish to fill any ambassadorial position.”

The Everyday Antisemitism Project

This project has been set up to record, monitor and share experiences of antisemitism, both on the street and on social media.  There’s a frightening abundance of material.  For example, you are probably aware of David Ward’s recent comments, but may perhaps have missed this response from a former Lib Dem MEP.
‘Pro-Palestinian’ demonstrators yell ‘death [...]