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Archive for 'antisemitism'

When 20,000 pro-Nazis rallied in New York

On February 20, 1939, more than 20,000 people gathered at Madison Square Garden in New York for a rally sponsored by the pro-Nazi German-American Bund.
Watch this remarkable footage from the rally:

At that time Hitler had been in power for more than six years and Kristallnacht– the opening salvo in the Holocaust– had happened the [...]

More on Miko Peled – and Ken Loach

Miko Peled has sought to clarify the remarks he made at a fringe meeting during the Labour Party conference.  In an email to the Guardian reproduced in this article he stated:
“The Holocaust was a terrible crime that we must study and from which we must all learn. I reject the idea that Holocaust deniers, foolish [...]

Miko Peled on the Holocaust and free speech

The topic of antisemitism has loomed large at this year’s Labour conference in Brighton. One detail from today’s unedifying Free Speech on Israel fringe event stood out for me. The Mirror reports:
Israeli-American author Miko Peled told a conference fringe meeting Labour members should support the freedom to “discuss every issue, whether it’s the holocaust, yes [...]

Abdel Bari Atwan and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The self-styled Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is actually a hate campaign. In particular, proponents of the most extreme violence are very welcome at its events. Come speak to us!
The latest is the journalist Abdel Bari Atwan. He will speak at a PSC event in Brighton on 14 September. Note how the [...]

Alarm over hate preacher invited to Parliament [update]

Despite a string of vile views and statements, including Holocaust denial and asserting that Jews are ‘the most cowardly creatures Allah has ever created’, Sheikh Ekrima Sabri has apparently been invited to visit Parliament:
Sheikh Ekrima Sabri will be in Britain from 11 to 15 September, as guest of pro-Palestine group EuroPal to discuss the “recent [...]

“This is 2017 in the United States of America.”

Can you guess by which of the two sides (to which President Trump has assigned approximately equal blame) Charlottesville’s Jews felt more endangered?
Alan Zimmerman, president of Congregation Beth Israel, writes:
On Saturday morning, I stood outside our synagogue with the armed security guard we hired after the police department refused to provide us with an officer [...]

The Sunday Times and antisemitism: Myers and the SPSC

Kevin Myers’ vile article in the Irish edition of the Sunday Times was widely condemned as antisemitic.  However responses demonstrated some differences of emphasis.
One point of contention was Myers’ apparent approval for Israel.  For some, this cast a different light on the article.  It now seemed crass rather than unambiguously antisemitic.  Others were less convinced [...]

David Hirsh on Contemporary Left Antisemitism

In Contemporary Left Antisemitism David Hirsh extends and consolidates more than a decade’s pioneering work on this topic.  He offers a powerful critique of antisemitism on the left, focusing in particular on recent events in the Labour Party, the academic boycott saga, and the relationship between antisemitism and antizionism.
In the prologue he captures one of [...]

Max Blumenthal on Fox News

Oh great.
Following in the footsteps of Stephen Cohen and Dennis Kucinich, Israel-hater-bordering-on-antisemite Max Blumenthal is the latest “progressive” Putin apologist to sit for a sympathetic interview with a rightwing Fox News host.

Update: And when Tucker isn’t agreeing with antisemitic Putin apologists, he’s engaging in anti-Roma scare-mongering.
Bashing Roma? Isn't that awfully… European of you, Tucker?
— [...]

Anti-Semitism in Bay Area Schools

Vice recently posted a fine piece that affirms what I have seen while teaching in the Bay Area over the last few years: a growing level of anti-Semitic incidents carried out by students against other classmates.  Max Cherney writes:
During the first quarter of 2017, compared with the first quarter of 2016, there has been an [...]