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Archive for 'antisemitism'

Opening night of Klinghoffer faces protests and disruption

I’ve got a lot of sympathy for those who are protesting in New York because they consider The Death of Klinghoffer to be an opera which distorts politics and history, and find its depiction of Leon Klinghoffer exploitative.  People should of course be free to express such views about the Met’s production. Here’s Rudy Giuliani:
“The Met, [...]

Student Politics: a round up

Some news and updates on three recent stories concerning student politics.
First, that post from a few days ago about the NUS’s refusal to endorse a motion condemning ISIS. Richard Seymour insists that this story has been misrepresented. He opens his piece:
Look.  If pressed, and if it will help anyone sleep better at night, I will [...]

Who’d have guessed?

Participants in the recent Tehran “anti-Zionist” conference were shocked– shocked!– to find extremism and antisemitism going on.
Update: In case anyone is unfamiliar with the original:

Guess who turned up for “anti-Zionist” conference in Tehran?

Israel-haters, conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers have concluded a three-day conference in Tehran aimed at exposing Zionist control of– well, just about everything.
Among the reported attendees who may be familiar to Harry’s Place readers:
–9/11 truther Wayne Madsen.
–Anglican vicar Stephen Sizer.
–All-around nutjob Kevin Barrett.
–Nuttierjob Ken O’Keefe.
–Antisemitic French “comedian” Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala.
Medea Benjamin of the cringe-inducing American [...]

Competing accounts of Amira Hass’s departure from Birzeit

According to this report, the journalist Amira Hass was kicked out of a conference at Birzeit University, near Ramallah, because she is a Jewish Israeli.  (Had she been a Palestinian citizen of Israel, it is claimed, this would not have happened.)
“When I registered at the entrance of the conference I wrote next to my name [...]

Labour PPC suspended over Israel tweets

Although Labour MP Michael Connarty seems (so far) to have got away with his bizarre and offensive comments about ‘Israeli spies’, another Labour politician has been penalised for describing Israel as ‘evil’ and Hitler as the ‘Zionist God’.  She even suggested that ISIS should attack Israel.
One post on Kirby’s Twitter account read: “We invented Israel [...]

Fringe candidate in Kentucky runs on slogan: “With Jews We Lose”

I’d be shocked if the antisemitic white supremacist Robert Ransdell– running as a write-in candidate for the US Senate from Kentucky– gets more than half a percent of the vote.
What’s more disturbing is that his noxious campaign signs are popping up in northern Kentucky, and he has plans to post hundreds more throughout the state.

Unlike [...]

Hatreds old and New: Jonathan Freedland and Mehdi Hasan

Much of last night’s discussion sought to bring out symmetries between the two hatreds under discussion, anti-Muslim bigotry and antisemitism. Freedland and Hasan both presented themselves as critical friends of their communities, raising the difficult questions some would rather not tackle, while still remaining insiders.  There are certainly parallels between the abusive comments and charges [...]

Bizarre George Galloway gamble backfires for unionists

Last night the BBC carried a major debate on the referendum from Glasgow – with the audience specifically Scotland’s youngest voters. Both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ were allowed to nominate two people for the debate.
The SNP and Green party represented the Yes campaign. The ‘No’ ( Better Together) chose the leader of the Scottish Conservative [...]

“Poem” on Stopper website quotes antisemite on Joan Rivers

My feelings about the late comedian Joan Rivers were decidedly mixed, and what she told an ignorant interviewer at an airport last month about the deaths of civilians in the recent Gaza war was awful (although she later said she was talking about Hamas). But that doesn’t make this “poem” by Heathcote Williams at the [...]