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    Rachel Riley on antisemitism

    Rachel Riley, co-host of Countdown, has recently emerged as an eloquent and determined voice against antisemitism on the left. Although today’s papers are full of her spat with George Galloway – she got an awful lot of likes for that tweet – of more interest is her long interview with Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Riley spoke very compellingly about how she gradually became aware of antisemitism having previously had little direct experience of the problem and not been politically active. It was the ‘Enough is Enough’ demonstration which first made her take notice of the crisis in the Labour Party – initially she hesitated to get involved (2:00) but eventually…

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    Guardian condemns antisemitism against Soros, but legitimises it against Adelson

    An Oct. 18th, 2018, Guardian article (“Dripping with poison of antisemitism’: the demonization of George Soros”) called out the demonisation of Soros – a Hungarian-born Jew who survived the Holocaust and donates millions to leftist causes – by politicians and commentators on the US and European right and far-right. Here are excerpts from the piece: From the racist white nationalist site the Daily Stormer to major conservative media stars, the right has been increasingly united over the last decade in seeing the hidden hand of Soros, whom they frequently describe as a “globalist”, in all manner of events. … Figures like Alex Jones imagine Soros as the manipulative mastermind of a vast…

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    Protesters Target Jewish Shop Owner in San Francisco

    Manny Yekutiel recently opened up a cafe and public space in the Mission District of San Francisco. In an Op-Ed for the San Francisco Chronical, Manny detailed the shop’s purpose. The kitchen is staffed with formerly homeless individuals and run by the nonprofit Farming Hope. We’ve already given free or low-cost space to more than 25 nonprofits such as Mission Graduates, Indivisible, Citizen’s Climate Lobby and the Instituto Familiar de la Raza, who need to spend their money on programs, not expensive rental fees. Our coffee is $1.75 and you can have a healthy square meal for $6. We’ve had elected officials and advocates in the space, artists and poets…

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    Chris Williamson’s unconvincing apology

    It didn’t come as a huge surprise to see Chris Williamson leap to the defence of Gilad Atzmon recently – Atzmon had been blocked from appearing with the Blockheads by Islington Council.  Now the Labour MP has issued an apology and deleted the tweet in which he expressed enthusiasm for a petition defending Atzmon.  He explained: “Earlier today I tweeted a petition about an Islington Council ban against the Blockheads performing with their chosen line up. The council has blocked jazz musician Gilad Atzmon from playing with the group. “Since then I’ve learned that Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier, is not confined to the jazz world. I am told that…

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    Mark Lewis fined for ‘offensive’ tweets

    The Law Society Gazette reports: Mark Lewis acted with a lack of integrity and failed to uphold the confidence the public places in the profession when he ‘wished death’ to his abusers on social media, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal found today. The high-profile media lawyer, who represented phone-hacking victims  against the News of the World, was fined £2,500 and ordered to pay £10,000 costs. Although wishing death on someone – to take just one instance where Lewis was deemed to have offended – might seem inexcusable, the context is crucial. Lewis was being targeted by neo-Nazis, and one tweet he sent is clearly a response to the vilest antisemitism: ‘Happy…

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    Conspiracy theorist selected as Labour candidate in safe ward

    It’s pretty shocking that cases like this no longer even seem surprising. But the views of Liam Moore are so outrageous I thought this latest example of Labour’s failure to deal with antisemitism warranted a post.  Moore, who is an evangelical vicar (and part-time Phil Collins tribune act) has been selected as the Labour councillor candidate for Norris Green in Liverpool – close to Luciana Berger’s constituency.  In 2014 he tweeted that “Rothschilds Zionist run Israel and world governments” and earlier this year compared Zionists – or simply those worried about antisemitism – to Judas: ‘We are seeing a very English right wing Zionist coup mate and sadly the Labour Party…

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    Solidarity in Pittsburgh

    As chair of the Lexington, Virginia, Democratic Committee, I’ve been very occupied in recent weeks with the upcoming election next Tuesday– working to reelect Senator Tim Kaine (running against a neo-Confederate hatemonger from Minnesota) and elect a progressive farmer’s daughter to Congress from my largely rural and Republican district. The latter race is something of a longshot, but recent events have only increased my determination. I hope I don’t need to explain why. But I want to take time to post this. It means a lot to me. Seen on the steps of Sixth Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh: Posted by Chad Andrew Herring on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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    Let’s Raise Money for Matthew!

    The Jewish Chronicle reports: A Jewish lawyer has been fined £1,750 and ordered to undergo diversity training for saying an anti-Israel campaign group accused of hounding a Jewish businessman were “scummy racists.” Matthew Berlow, a solicitor based in Glasgow, was responding to a Facebook event organised by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) to protest against the sale of Dead Sea products in an Aberdeen shopping centre. “You simply found a soft Jewish target to aim your bile at,” Mr Berlow told the group, also calling them “scummy racists, bullies and cowards.” This strikes me as a gross injustice, for reasons that hardly need to be communicated. Though I will add that this…

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    JVL’s 85 Point Plan for taking over the Jewish world

    It’s always good to have an 85 point plan…here’s Jewish Voice for Labour’s. Note the following:   Number 2: Campaigning against IHRA definition Number 8 expose Labour Friends of Israel Number 26 join Labour Against the Witch hunt Number 29 Work with Moshe M for reform of LP disciplinary process Number 35 Open talks with Yachad etc Number 41 Marginalise Lansman’s stance on Israel in Momentum Number 54 Roll out training to CLPs and TUs Number 55 Develop antisemitism workshops Number 76 Get members to stand for BoD  

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    Sauce for the hypocritical gander

    This is a guest post by Eve Garrard There’s a letter in yesterday’s Guardian, signed by Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach, and other luminaries, objecting to media coverage of charges that the Labour Party is institutionally antisemitic.  The signatories to the letter make the following claims: “It is of course entirely appropriate and necessary for our major news outlets to report on the horrors of antisemitism, but wrong to present it as an issue specific to the Labour party. In covering the allegations that Labour is now “institutionally antisemitic”, there have been inaccuracies, clear distortions and revealing omissions across our most popular media platforms. We believe that significant parts of the…