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    The return of the Bunting

    Long-term Harry’s Place readers will recall a period when Madeleine Bunting featured here almost as much as Jeremy Corbyn does now, when Islamism and its relationship to multi-culturalism was emerging as a topic. Bunting is a cultural relativist plus anti-imperialist of an Edward-Said-and-water kind, which ultimately comes down to a Lonely Planet view of other cultures even when they are ghettos within her own country.  We go to them as tourists and if female we mind our dress and head scarves and whether we can enter the coffee houses. They should be their authentic selves and we display our sensitivity and even post imperialist guilt by not applying our Western…

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    Wilders and Spencer among those applauding Trump’s latest proposals

    Most mainstream commenters and politicians are appalled by Trump’s suggestion that all Muslims should be banned from entering the US including tourists and even (according to his campaign manager) US citizens who happened to be overseas for some reason, e.g. serving in the military. Here are some reactions via the BBC site. Republicans: “ridiculous position” – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie “dangerous overreaction” – businesswoman Carly Fiorina “offensive and outlandish” – Florida Senator Marco Rubio “unhinged” – ex-Florida Governor Jeb Bush “outrageous divisiveness” – Ohio Governor John Kasich “downright dangerous” – S Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham “not my policy” – Texas Senator Ted Cruz Democrats: “a fascist demagogue” – ex-Maryland…

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    Anti-Muslim rally in Poland features burning of Jewish effigy

    From what I know about the Eastern European far Right, I can’t say I’m surprised that an anti-Muslim immigration demonstration in Poland ended with the burning in effigy of a Hasidic Jew holding a European Union flag. A reminder, if anyone needed it, that there are plenty of people who hate Jews and Muslims with equal fervor. I suppose if this 2012 demonstration in Budapest took place today, this poster would feature the Muslim Crescent and Star (instead of the Red Star) along with the EU symbol and the Magen David being tossed in the trash can.

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    The Daily Mail’s ‘Muslim gang’

    In his recent speech David Cameron emphasised the importance of building ‘a more cohesive society, so more people feel a part of it and are therefore less vulnerable to extremism.’  He also urged the media to play its part in rejecting both bigotry and extremism.  Some sections don’t seem to have taken much notice of this suggestion. While the Guardian publishes this appalling piece by Peter Oborne – a fawning interview with Abdul Wahid, the head of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Britain, nicely satirised here – the Daily Mail errs, as usual, in the other direction. There is plenty of legitimate debate to be had about the relationship between violent and non-violent extremism and…

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    ‘This isn’t aimed at you’: UKIP and ritual slaughter

    As Alex Massie points out in the Spectator: Motives matter too, you know. It’s not always enough to have the ‘right’ policy. You need to have it for the right reasons too. You might disapprove of religious exemptions from stunning  because you are an ardent secularist who doesn’t think religion should receive any special privileges.  Or you might have a passionate commitment to animal welfare which makes you work for improvements in many aspects of farming, including slaughter.  It’s possible to disapprove of ritual slaughter for non-bigoted motives. Sometimes it’s hard to work out if someone’s views on ritual slaughter arise from anti-Muslim (or antisemitic) sentiment or not.  But UKIP’s…

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    Texas state rep to Muslims: pledge allegiance to America or stay out of my office

    There was a time not so long ago when Republicans actively sought the votes of American Muslims and won big majorities among them. In 2000 the American Muslim Political Coordinating Council endorsed George Bush over Al Gore and Ralph Nader. Shortly after Bush’s inauguration Kerri Houston of the American Conservative Union said that Muslim voters delivered Florida for President Bush. She wrote, “Muslim-Americans nationwide voted for Bush by an 80 percent margin–closer to 90 percent in Florida.Without their thousands of votes in the Sunshine State, a newly inaugurated Al Gore would currently be proposing a new slate of excuses for picking the American pocket.” Looking back at that election, Farid…

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    OHPI: Je Suis Humain

    The Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) has produced a report in the wake of events in Paris.  ‘Je Suis Humain: Responsible free speech in the shadow of the Charlie Hebdo murders.’ As well as analysis of the free speech issues raised by some responses to the killings, the report offers a series of recommendations. Whereas some have sidelined the murders of four Jews, OHPI discusses these with specific reference to Muslim antisemitism. The targeting of Jews in terrorist attacks is not accidental, but rather ideologically driven. This growth of antisemitism must therefore be tackled to safeguard not only the Jewish community, but society as a whole. The weakening of anti-racism…

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    Why Have An Issue with @JihadistJoe tweets?

    This is a cross-post by John Sargeant at homo economicus Recently the @jihadistjoe and myself were mentioned in an article. Soon after, his account was suspended. Richard Dawkins led the Twitter charge to have his account reinstated as he is a “clever satirist.” Can you support these recent tweets Richard, which Tom Owolade highlighted, as what secular activists should call satire? To read the rest of John’s post, as well as see some details which haven’t transferred over properly in this cross-post, please follow this link.

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    It’s like watching a Harry’s Place thread on TV

    On Bill Maher’s HBO show, (from left) New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, actor/director Ben Affleck, Maher and neuroscientist/author Sam Harris discuss Islam, Islamic extremism, anti-Muslim bigotry, Islamophobia, etc. It all sounds vaguely familiar, doesn’t it? Affleck may be an excellent actor/director, but he comes across as a rather ill-informed jerk. (Maher comes across as a somewhat better-informed jerk.) I especially liked what Kristof had to say, and I wish he had been allowed more time to say it.

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    Geller’s latest – and eleven more free speech controversies

    Pamela Geller is at it again. Her latest ad campaign features three posters, all targeting Islam (and Muslims) in different ways. One focuses on antisemitism. The relationship between Islam and antisemitism, the links between Hitler and the Grand Mufti, the high levels of antisemitism in Muslim countries today – these are all legitimate topics for discussion.  But Geller’s over the top rhetoric and call for a blanket punishment of all Muslim countries are ill-judged, to put it mildly.  The poster could have an inflammatory effect on those already fully signed up to the SIOA agenda, but would almost certainly alienate most Muslims, whatever their stance on antisemitism.  (According to this…