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Archive for 'Anti Muslim Bigotry'

Geller’s latest – and eleven more free speech controversies

Pamela Geller is at it again. Her latest ad campaign features three posters, all targeting Islam (and Muslims) in different ways.
One focuses on antisemitism.

The relationship between Islam and antisemitism, the links between Hitler and the Grand Mufti, the high levels of antisemitism in Muslim countries today – these are all legitimate topics for discussion.  But [...]

Hatreds old and New: Jonathan Freedland and Mehdi Hasan

Much of last night’s discussion sought to bring out symmetries between the two hatreds under discussion, anti-Muslim bigotry and antisemitism. Freedland and Hasan both presented themselves as critical friends of their communities, raising the difficult questions some would rather not tackle, while still remaining insiders.  There are certainly parallels between the abusive comments and charges [...]

Exiting the Echo Chamber: Ivan Humble and Manwar Ali on Radio Suffolk

‘This country will be an Islamic state within 30 years’ says Barry from Felixstowe
Manwar Ali, a Suffolk Imam who runs the charity JIMAS, was a mujahedeen fighter in the 80s and 90s but is now trying to stop Muslims going to Syria or Iraq.
Ivan Humble used to be the Eastern regional organizer for the EDL, [...]

A radical Muslim– in the best sense

I posted last month about Zak Mohyuddin, a Pakistani-born Muslim running as a Democrat for a seat on the Coffee County Commission in Tennessee. He was the object of lies by his Republican opponent about his alleged anti-Christian and anti-American beliefs.
Mohyuddin lost the election, but there is one small but positive development to come out [...]

Liddle and Murray on Muslims

According to Georg Christoph Lichtenberg ‘the most dangerous untruths are truths moderately distorted’, and neither Rod Liddle nor Douglas Murray, in their respective recent posts on matters Muslim, gets things completely wrong.
Liddle opens ‘It’s OK to mention anti-Semitic attacks – but not who commits them’ with a droll account of his recent run in with [...]

Muslim-baiting in Tennessee

Zak Mohyuddin, a Pakistani-born Muslim, is an American citizen and a 40-year resident of Tennessee.
He is the Democratic candidate for a seat on the Coffee County Commission currently held by Republican Mark Kelly.
The campaign should have involved a vigorous exchange of views about how best to serve the residents of Coffee County. Instead Kelly sent [...]

Dawkins Endorses Anti-Muslim Twitter Account

This is a cross-post by John Sargeant from homo economicus

Jesus and Mo cartoons strike the balance between humour and biting satire by tackling outrages religious ideas and thinking with irreverence. @JihadistJoe however plays on Muslim streotypes, using far right propaganda that all Muslims are a danger to society. Regrettably the cartoons @jihadistjoe uses hark [...]

An overview of anti-Muslim incidents 2013/14 [NOW WITH LINK TO REPORT]

The latest report on Tell MAMA’s work, prepared in conjunction with Teesside University’s Centre for Fascist, Anti-fascist and Post-fascist Studies (CFAPS) has now been completed.  Here are the headline figures.

There were 734 self-reported cases between 1 May 2013 and 28 February 2014; of these, there were 599 incidents of online abuse and 135 offline attacks, [...]

Trojan Horse: The Spectator’s ill-judged front cover

One’s used to sensational headlines and tendentious reporting about Islam/Muslims from the tabloids.  But it’s a pity to see the Spectator stooping to this kind of level.

The Trojan Horse story has generated a lot of discussion of what might be meant by words such as ‘extreme’ and ‘radical’.  For example, in response to this summary [...]

Responses to Pastor James McConnell

Pastor McConnell has recently hit the headlines following his bigoted remarks about British Muslims. Although it’s important to defend the right to criticise all ideas freely, and not allow religion special privileges, it is difficult to see how one could easily deal fairly with the followers of an ideology one thinks metaphysically evil:
Islam is heathen, [...]