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Archive for 'Anti Fascism'

Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon, the legendary anti-fascist, has died:
Born in Britain to Sephardi Jewish parents from Greece and Spain, his father abandoned the family when he was a young child and Mr Sassoon spent seven years living at the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Orphanage in Lauderdale Road, Maida Vale.
After starting as an apprentice hairdresser [...]

Former Waffen SS member criticises Israel

Gunter Grass has utilised his aging intellect to launch a scud missile of a poem at Israel. It’s the sort of thing you might hear from UK intellectuals, but coming from Grass it has a certain scent. In the poem Grass turns the potential existential threat facing Israel from Iran on its head. The real [...]

Who is Arthur Kemp?

This is a cross post from slackbastard

A short while ago my blog was the subject of a complaint. As a result, I have had to temporarily remove one image. The image is of a man named Arthur Kemp. In the image — a photo — Kemp is sitting down and there is a Nazi symbol in [...]

London BDS, Carole Swords & the PSC, August 13th 2011

On August 13th 2011, Harvey Garfield was attacked by RESPECT chair Carole Swords. Swords has now been convicted of “threatening and abusive words or behaviour to cause harassment”.
Carole Swords was participating in a demonstration organised by a group called London BDS, who work alongside the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Carole Swords with “Natasha” of London BDS, August [...]

The Daily Mail: Then and Now

In 1934, Lord Rothermere published a self-penned article entitled “Hurrah for the Blackshirts“.
Last week, the Daily Mail published an article by Richard Waghorne, entitled “French downgrade shows that Marine Le Pen’s role in French public life is not just legitimate but increasingly necessary“.
The elegant and increasingly incisive leader of the French National [Front] appears to [...]

“A pimp for fascism”

A pro-Iranian, Ba’athist and pro-Soviet Taliban supporter attacks Christopher Hitchens for lack of principles.
As Hitchens said himself during his destruction of Galloway in New York:
“There comes a point where what some people say just becomes self-discrediting and requires no further comment”.


Can someone translate this (I presume) not-very-gracious tweet from George Galloway on the death of Christopher Hitchens?
A reminder: While Hitchens was attacked by thugs of the fascist Syrian Social Nationalist Party for daring to deface one of their neo-swastika signs in Beirut, Galloway was pleased few years earlier to address a celebration of SSNP supporters [...]

Fascist Rally Cheers Atzmon

via Gilad Atzmon’s website, here is a short clip who shows this racist and supporter of Holocaust denial leading his – largely white and middle aged – audience in a chant:

Atzmon encourages his audience to chant “NO” to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, who had voiced opposition to racism.
Atzmon, of course, doesn’t have [...]

Paul Flynn MP

It is difficult really to know what to say about Paul Flynn MP.
Until his remarkable outburst in Parliament, in which he suggested that Jews who supported Jewish self-determination were disloyal to Britain, I had largely associated Paul Flynn with cannabis.
The JC’s editorial puts it well:
There is no more classic antisemitic trope than the idea of [...]

A Crux Moment for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

In the light of Lauren Booth’s remarkable and outspoken attack on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, it is clear that the leadership of the PSC are facing a moment of choice: as a mainstream political movement that supports Palestinian self determination, or as a racist movement, whose membership promote and support antisemitism and Holocaust denial. The [...]