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    Labour and antisemitism: a (selective) weekly roundup

    Where to start? Chris Williamson has been shooting up the list of my least favourite MPs for some time.  Now the Jewish Labour Movement has called for him to be suspended from the party following his failure to challenge antisemitism, including the accusation that Corbyn’s critics are ‘foot-soldiers for Israel’.  This is a revealing little detail. He added that some in the party had “allowed their passion to run away” and expressed themselves in “a light which could be perceived as antisemitic… I don’t believe they are antisemites.” Imagine substituting ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ for antisemitic – would he ever come out with such a statement? On the topic of giving…

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    Amnesty’s double standards

    Amnesty International has quite a track record when it comes to dubious judgement calls. Most readers will remember when they teamed up with Cage – and the disgraceful way they went on to treat Gita Sahgal when she raised fully legitimate concerns. They’ve also hosted Middle East Monitor (MEMO) – Tim Llewellyn was a guest speaker. (More of that later). Despite their apparent willingness to work with certain controversial groups and individuals, one organisation has recently been deemed beyond the pale – the Jewish Leadership Council. A panel discussion organised by the Jewish Leadership Council was due to be held on Wednesday at Amnesty International’s UK headquarters. But the human…

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    Amnesty in the news

    I thought these two items about Amnesty International might interest readers. First, it has come in for criticism after agreeing to share a platform with a speaker from the Henry Jackson Society: On Tuesday 24 March 2015, Amnesty International will be taking part in an event organised by the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) entitled ‘The Radicalisation of Youth in the UK and Beyond: Causes and Effects‘. Abbas Faiz, who is a senior researcher at Amnesty International will be sharing a panel with former Indian foreign secretary, Kanwal Sibal, managing director of the Quilliam Foundation Haras Rafiq, and director of Student Rights at the HJS, Rupert Sutton. Here an explicit parallel is…

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    Owen Jones and Tim Llewellyn

    This post was published in August 2014. Since Owen Jones is engaged in pious bleating about antisemitism yet again these days, it has been republished to remind readers how worthless his words on this subject really are. The CST also covered this event in 2014. So did Owen Jones pull out? Of course not. Here he is, listening to Llewellyn moan again and again about those “powerful”, “wealthy”, and “well-funded” Zionists at the very top of “The Establishment”. Some of you will have seen Owen Jones posturing about antisemitism in the Guardian two weeks ago. That was pretty rich when Mr Jones repeatedly lines up with some of the most…

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    Investigation into Funding of Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyles

      In February, SarahAB discussed golden handshakes of £830,000 being given by Amnesty International to the departing secretary general, Irene Khan and her deputy, Kate Gilmore. I skim at least half a dozen print newspapers most days. As Anne Mickenberg almost said, it is odd when the only one I have seen mentioning a review headed by Dame Anne Owers is the Aberdeen Press and Journal (based on this report). Good being a senior charity employee.