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The American Wahhabists

This is a cross-post by Paul Canning

This horrific image, which I make no apologies for posting, comes from the Ugandan Parliament.
The Ugandan lesbian activist¬†Kasha Jacqueline posted it on Twitter. It is an example of the sort of disgusting anti-gay crap being distributed to Ugandan Members of Parliament. Kasha said it left her “sobbing” and pleading [...]

University of Buckingham Suspends Links With Victoria University Over Ugandan ‘Kill Gays Bill’

Dropping the death penalty component to the upcoming anti-homosexual bill – but retaining the implicit approval for life threatening violence and intimidation – has not molified funding groups towards Ugandan institutions.
Britain’s only private university, the University of Buckingham previously had been in partnership with the newly-formed Victoria University in Kampala, and accreditted most of its [...]

Ugandan Discussions

When I first read of Adrian Smith being demoted and having a 40% pay cut slapped on him for stating on Facebook an opposition to same-sex marriage, I hung fire. As dismal as it looked for Traford Housing Trust to rusticate an employee for a comment made outwith work and which had the most [...]

Thomas Lubanga and Joseph Kony

As Invisible Children attracts a mixture of apposite criticism, chagrin that others might be seen to care more than people who really care and suspicion that this is going to be yet another American power/resources grab, another item out note has come from the region.
Thomas Lubanga – whom I discussed here – has added to [...]

Sign the petition against Uganda’s anti-gay bill

Following international outrage, Uganda’s notorious ‘kill the gays’ bill has apparently been softened, getting rid of the death penalty clause, and its implementation has been delayed.¬† But there is no room for complacency:
Now parliament appears ready to hold an extraordinary session on Friday to debate the bill, which in its [...]

Uganda: Gay campaigner murdered. UK will deport another.

A Ugandan gay campaigner, Brenda Namigadde, who was studying in the UK applied for asylum after events in her country turned very, very bad. Firstly, a bill was introduced in the Ugandan parliament to increase punishments for homosexuality and to impose the death penalty in certain cases. Secondly, the a vicious press campaign started in [...]