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Archive for 'North Africa'

Tunisian minority rights advocate denounces crimes against Jews

I hope those who appreciate what MEMRI does in exposing some of the worst aspects of the Arab and Muslim world can also appreciate when it highlights some of the best– for example Yamina Thabet, head of the Tunisian Minority Rights Group, passionately and bravely denouncing the government for failing to act against antisemitic crimes [...]

Arab Spring Phase Three: The rise of the anti-Islamists

Writing at The New Republic, Paul Berman picks up on something that I think clear-eyed observers of the Arab Spring will have sensed:
It appears to be the case that, in one zone after another, the vast regional revolution that used to be known as the Arab Spring (except that springtime has lasted two years now, [...]

Secular Tunisians fight back after murder of opposition leader

Tens of thousands of Tunisians turned out for the funeral of the assassinated opposition leader Chokri Belaid– a leftwing secularist and a staunch critic of the Islamist Ennahda Party government.

Many of those mourning Belaid expressed anger at the government, which they accuse of allowing a climate of political violence to spread unchecked.
On the capital’s central [...]

Stop cheering, you fools!

That would appear to be the message of Seumas Milne and the Stop the War Coalition to the people of Timbuktu and elsewhere in northern Mali recently liberated with the help of French forces from the rule of Islamist extremists.

Backlash in Tunisia

A few days ago protests in Tunisia reflected concern at the wording of the new constitution.  Tunisia has enjoyed a pretty good record on women’s rights, but the rhetoric of the new clause doesn’t bode well for the future:
The proposed constitution guaranteed “the protection of women’s rights … under the principle of complementarity to man [...]

Salafists vs. trade unions in Tunisia

The International Trade Union Confederation reports:
Regional offices of the [Tunisian] national union centre UGTT in three locations have been burned down by Salafists under the slogan “There is only God and the UGTT is the enemy of God”. UGTT regional offices were main organising points for the revolution to depose former President Ben Ali.
Sharan Burrow, [...]

Tunisia: secularists fight back

Islamists in Tunisia may have gone a bridge too far in their efforts to steer the country away from its secular roots since last year’s revolution.

Tunisia Live reported:

Tunisian politicians and civil society have reacted mostly with resounding nationalist solidarity to the recent incident of flag desecration by religious activists at the Faculty of Arts and [...]

Tunisia’s Jews fearful after Haniyeh visit

Guest post by Boushayb
I want to draw attention to this article, which appears to be the only followup story featuring a few Tunisian Jews’ reactions to Gazan Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh’s recent visit.
Thus far the world’s media and blogs have been largely silent on the discrepancy between what the Ennahda party leader [...]

Tunisia, Today

This is what happened when Ismail Haniyeh visited Tunisia on 5 January:
A few hundred people gathered on 5 January at the Tunis-Carthage airport to welcome Haniyeh. As they waited for him they sang antisemitic chants and slogans to the glory of Palestine and the liberation of Gaza. They carried Palestinian flags, the flags of the [...]

Tomorrow’s elections in Tunisia

Recently I mentioned in a round up post that Tunisia had been strengthening its commitment to women’s rights.  Yesterday the Times featured a rather heartening account (£) of the careful preparations being made in the run up to tomorrow’s elections.   It opens with a description of a young student pretending to be blind – this [...]