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Mad magazine vs. the tobacco industry

In 2010 I posted about a proposal by the US Food and Drug Administration to require graphic warning labels for cigarette cartons.
I linked to a picture of one of the proposed labels and noted that it reminded me of a Mad magazine parody ad from the 1960s (based on the cowboy-themed “Marlboro Country” ads) [...]

A good word for corporate America

Or at least one part of it.
General Mills, the manufacturer of Cheerios, is standing by this commercial, featuring a mixed-race couple and their child, despite a flood of disgusting racist comments on YouTube. The comments, many of which were reportedly vile, have been disabled.

Cheerios was unfazed by the racist Internet backlash. “Consumers have responded positively [...]

Super Bowl XLVII ad watch

For those dying to see the Mercedes commercial for which this was a teaser, here it is:

So now we know why “Sympathy for the Devil” was on the soundtrack. The message is that a Mercedes CLA is affordable enough that you don’t need to sell your soul to Willem Dafoe to obtain one, and all [...]

Sympathy for the luxury car buyer

Here’s a teaser for the commercial that Mercedes Benz will run in a couple of weeks during Super Bowl XLVII ($4 million for 30 seconds):

That’s right. A teaser for a frigging car commercial featuring the great Rolling Stones song. (After “The Weight” was featured in a cell phone ad a few years ago, I lost [...]