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    Where are the faxes of yesteryear?

    I get a lot of my social history from novels and second- and third-rate novels can unintentionally tell interesting stories about the customs of their age. So when I listened to Lucy Kellaway’s lively History of Office Life (sorry deadline passed – memo got lost in the internal mail/you must have accidentally deleted my message) I was reminded of Dorothy L. Sayers’ Murder Must Advertise, which is set in an advertising agency, Pym’s Publicity. Murder Must Advertise is not much of a detective story, as the plot is elaborate rather than ingenious and Lord Peter Wimsey the most annoying of the amateur sleuths from the golden age of detective fiction.…

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    We’re back!

    Well, what can we say but “rehi”? We were taken down by another very nasty DDOS attack. The ferocity of this one was actually quite staggering, so clearly we’re doing something that is getting under someone’s skin, someone with a very a fair amount of resources behind them. That a humble blog like ours – written by a few amateur pundits in their spare time, and relying entirely on donations from readers for its expenses – seems to threaten forces with this sort of virtual fire-power at their disposal is as flattering as it is baffling.

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    And we’re back!

    Dear Reader As you may have surmised, Harry’s Place was disabled by a serious denial of service attack this past week. We’re very sorry it took so long to get up-and-running again, but we’re back. Unfortunately the Internet, while facilitating new forums for discussion and online communities, has also unleashed some very nasty people for whom civilized discussion and, indeed, difference of opinion are anathema. DoS attacks are illegal under US and British law, and this attack is being reported to the relevant authorities for investigation. This blog has had its share of attempts to silence it over the years as our regular readers know well. But fortunately we keep bouncing back. Unfortunately,…

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    HP on FB

    Harry’s Place now has a Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/harrysplaceblog Yes, we know, it’s about time! A fun feature is an archive of all our old page headers, which you can check out here. Of course, we’ve been on Twitter for quite some time. If you didn’t know that, now you do! We’re planning much more social media integration in the near future.

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    Graham Lloyd. Farewell comrade.

    We are sorry to announce that Graham Lloyd, who has blogged at Harry’s Place for a number of years, passed away on Saturday after months of serious illness. Throughout his illness, and punishing treatments, Graham remained mentally undiminished, and could still argue the case for Ken Livingstone with the best of them – even when seriously incapacitated. Those whose lives have been enriched by knowing Graham, will find the world a little more grey today. In recent years, Graham undertook academic studies of the history of British Fascism at the University of Sheffield, and would often pop up with an arcane point of relevant information in discussions. All of Harry’s…

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    Not A Hasbara Operative

    In this sketch, one character repeatedly asks the same question about the use of white phosphorous by the Israel army. All his questions are met with a series of irrelevant and increasingly hysterical replies from a “Hasbara Operative”. When Michael showed it to me, I suggested was that it was akin to  a black man being asked the following series of questions: Q: Why do black men rape white women? A: I’m sorry – are you a racist? Q: No, I’m just interested to know what your views are about black men raping white women. A: But black women are also raped by white men. Q: Don’t divert the issue.…

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    No Comments

    Dear Reader We’re having technical problems with the comments at the moment. Apologies. We’ll try to get them up and running as soon as possible. HP UPDATE: We appear to be up and running again.

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    Back to normal

    Dear HP Readers We’re sure many noticed over the long weekend that the comments facility at Harry’s Place was disabled. We’re sorry for this interruption in normal service. It was as frustrating for the writers who value your feedback as it must have been for those who enjoy debating the issues raised here. Unfortunately – as our regulars are aware – this blog rattles more than a few cages and unsettles those who would rather lurk in the shadows when it shines a spotlight on their activities. As a result, the blog is coming under increasing attack. Unfortunately those who cannot reply by marshaling their facts and presenting rational arguments…