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    Corbyn Can’t Defend Us Against His Friends

    I’ll keep this brief because this one point is all that needs to be said: Jeremy Corbyn and his friends – like Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, those who lead the Stop the War Coalition and Socialist Action and Momentum – have been the leading enablers of Islamism in the UK. They now expect us to believe that the fight against Islamism and its violent terrorist expression is in safe hands with them. These are the people who invited Islamist groups into leftwing coalitions. These are the people who smeared liberal commentators – including us at Harry’s Place – as racists and Islamophobes for warning against the poison of hate-preachers and…

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    Another Labour Mug

    After the disaster that was the Labour Party’s “immigration mug“, you’d think the party would avoid thinking up slogans for crockery. Alas, the glorious leader, Mr Jeremy Corbyn seems to be hard at work devising new pearls of 11 o’clock wisdom, with or without the biscuit. Yes, according to the BBC, “Jeremy Corbyn has called for “calm” and “dignity” from Labour members after leadership challenger Angela Eagle’s constituency office was vandalised.” Strong stuff, and stirring. Especially when addressing friends. Just the message the party needs now.

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    In 2012, Milo Yiannopoulos wanted to ban internet trolls for life; now he encourages their abuse of Jews online

    Milo Yiannopoulos is the Breitbart journalist who has recently become famous for breaking America, with his anti-SJW tour. His shows are more performance art than they are lectures. Typically, Trots-for-brains Far Left student activists turn up and protest and threaten Milo’s audience and his right-wing and libertarian supporters, proving Milo’s point nicely that much of the Left has given up on debate and prefers intimidation. Milo suggests that his arguments should be countered with facts rather than with threats and insults. Meanwhile, Milo has become an advocate for a Trump presidency; not so much for anything Trump has promised to do, as for the cultural message this sends across America;…

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    Jeremy Corbyn on Freedland’s critique of Labour antisemitism: “utterly disgusting subliminal nastiness”

    Watch from 03:27: Corbyn on the phone to Seumas Milne: “The big negative today is Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian. Labour has a problem with antisemitism under Corbyn! Utterly disgusting subliminal nastiness, you know. He’s not a good guy at all. He seems kind of obsessed with me, you know?” This is what Freedland had written about Corbyn: Which brings us to Jeremy Corbyn. No one accuses him of being an antisemite. But many Jews do worry that his past instinct, when faced with potential allies whom he deemed sound on Palestine, was to overlook whatever nastiness they might have uttered about Jews, even when that extended to Holocaust denial or the…

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    A Tale of Two Suspensions

    Rod Liddle writes in The Spectator that he has been suspended from Labour and will be investigated by the Chakrabati commission on Antisemitism and Islamophobia. I have from time to time read Liddle pieces and reached the conclusion that he was engaged in Muslim-baiting, in an unpleasant way. None immediately spring to mind, but I do remember having that feeling. It is for that reason that I do not circulate his pieces. He is a ‘shock jock’ akin to somebody like Frankie Boyle, and in doing that, he regularly and deliberately crosses lines. Perhaps I am being unfair, but that’s my impression. Here is an extract from the piece in…

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    Sadiq Khan and Khurram Zaki: Stand With Liberals Against Islamists

    Yesterday, Pakistani human rights activist and editor of Let Us Build Pakistan, Khurram Zaki published this statement on Facebook: “Sadiq Khan is not a Pakistani. He is a Britisher. Credit for his rise and success goes to his own hard work and the equal opportunity quality of the British system. Pakistan and Islam have played no role in his meteoric rise. And he has proved for all British Muslims and Brits of other ethnicities that anyone who blames that system as biased and discriminatory that they are lazy and liars. I am celebrating the greatness of Western Secular Democracy. In this day and age of Takfiri Deobandi/Wahabi terrorism and Islamophobia,…

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    Sadiq Khan calls moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms”

    Well, here it is, on video, in context, so there’s really no weaselling out of it. Sadiq Khan calls moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms”, in an interview – tellingly – on Press TV, the propaganda channel of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He is attempting to explain why as (then) Labour’s Minister for Community Cohesion he took a “big tent” approach, which included speaking to extremists as well as those he described as “Uncle Toms” – Muslims who supported the government. The video was obtained by The Daily Mail. There is no need to explain, I suppose, that “Uncle Tom” is a racially-charged term and those who use it imply that…

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    Jeremy Corbyn’s May Day CPGB-ML allies support Hamas “resistance missiles” & see Holocaust Denial as reasonable

    Here are Jeremy Corbyn’s comrades from this year’s May Day rally in London, where he reassured those listening that he opposed antisemitism and all forms of racism: Corbyn is surrounded by CPGB-ML flags: They quickly started chanting against Israel: “5, 6, 7, 8 Israel is a racist state!” You see the flags belong to the Communist Part of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist); or CPGB-ML for short. Harpreet Brar is the founder of the pro-North Korea party, and his daughter Joti Brar is an active member. She published an article for the website of Holocaust revisionist Gilad Atzmon (who says throwing Jews into the sea is unfair on the sea, the Jews…

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    The Speech That Would Make Me Vote For Sadiq Khan

    I am not voting for Sadiq Khan. It is a pity. I think he is a good candidate, in many ways. In fact, if the polls are correct, I think he will make a capable Mayor of London. My problem is with Sadiq Khan’s judgement, particularly in relation to his relationship with, and indeed defence of, hate preachers and extremists of various types. Politicians do develop and change their views on the world over time. It is good that they do. I am pleased, for example, that John Bercow MP became a liberal, after starting his political life in the Monday Club. But when you change, it is important to…