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    Rachel Riley on antisemitism

    Rachel Riley, co-host of Countdown, has recently emerged as an eloquent and determined voice against antisemitism on the left. Although today’s papers are full of her spat with George Galloway – she got an awful lot of likes for that tweet – of more interest is her long interview with Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Riley spoke very compellingly about how she gradually became aware of antisemitism having previously had little direct experience of the problem and not been politically active. It was the ‘Enough is Enough’ demonstration which first made her take notice of the crisis in the Labour Party – initially she hesitated to get involved (2:00) but eventually…

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    Yad Vashem exhibition cancelled at the Golders Green Mosque

    This is depressing news as the exhibition seemed like a great initiative, and one which might have helped alleviate some concerns raised when it was first announced that the Golders Green Hippodrome was going to be converted into a mosque. The planned exhibition, organised by Yad Vashem, had been going to focus on Muslim Albanians who rescued Jews from the Holocaust. This would have been a real opportunity to build bridges between communities – with both the content of the exhibition and its location reflecting mutual support rather than mistrust. No reason has been offered for the cancellation but it may be relevant that this interfaith initiative wasn’t welcomed by…

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    That Muslim Christmas double bind again

    Last year I described the problems faced by popular TV chef Nadiya Hussain when she revealed her enthusiasm for Christmas baking. The kind of people who (one suspects) moan that Muslims fail to integrate moaned at Nadiya for doing just that – meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, you get hardline Muslims accusing people like Nadiya of selling out, or of ‘shirk’. Two recent stories highlight similar problems. Another TV chef, Swedish Camilla Hamid, faced great hostility when she described how she enjoyed joining in some elements of the Christmas festivities despite being a practising Muslim. Cue much pearl clutching from the various shades of alt-right –the Blazing…

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    Chris Williamson’s unconvincing apology

    It didn’t come as a huge surprise to see Chris Williamson leap to the defence of Gilad Atzmon recently – Atzmon had been blocked from appearing with the Blockheads by Islington Council.  Now the Labour MP has issued an apology and deleted the tweet in which he expressed enthusiasm for a petition defending Atzmon.  He explained: “Earlier today I tweeted a petition about an Islington Council ban against the Blockheads performing with their chosen line up. The council has blocked jazz musician Gilad Atzmon from playing with the group. “Since then I’ve learned that Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier, is not confined to the jazz world. I am told that…

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    Mark Lewis fined for ‘offensive’ tweets

    The Law Society Gazette reports: Mark Lewis acted with a lack of integrity and failed to uphold the confidence the public places in the profession when he ‘wished death’ to his abusers on social media, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal found today. The high-profile media lawyer, who represented phone-hacking victims  against the News of the World, was fined £2,500 and ordered to pay £10,000 costs. Although wishing death on someone – to take just one instance where Lewis was deemed to have offended – might seem inexcusable, the context is crucial. Lewis was being targeted by neo-Nazis, and one tweet he sent is clearly a response to the vilest antisemitism: ‘Happy…

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    Conspiracy theorist selected as Labour candidate in safe ward

    It’s pretty shocking that cases like this no longer even seem surprising. But the views of Liam Moore are so outrageous I thought this latest example of Labour’s failure to deal with antisemitism warranted a post.  Moore, who is an evangelical vicar (and part-time Phil Collins tribune act) has been selected as the Labour councillor candidate for Norris Green in Liverpool – close to Luciana Berger’s constituency.  In 2014 he tweeted that “Rothschilds Zionist run Israel and world governments” and earlier this year compared Zionists – or simply those worried about antisemitism – to Judas: ‘We are seeing a very English right wing Zionist coup mate and sadly the Labour Party…

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    ECHR ruling on defaming the Prophet Muhammed

    Although it’s difficult to evaluate legal judgments based on a summary in a newspaper, on the face of it, this particular judgment seems concerning. Defaming the Prophet Muhammed “goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate” and “could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace” and thus exceeds the permissible limits of freedom of expression, ruled the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Thursday, upholding a lower court decision. The decision by a seven-judge panel came after an Austrian national identified as Mrs. S. held two seminars in 2009, entitled “Basic Information on Islam,” in which she defamed the Prophet Muhammad’s marriage. According to a statement…

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    Rod Liddle’s reckless rhetoric

    Liddle’s response to the release of Anjem Choudary was appalling even by his own standards.  Choudary is of course a dangerous man with vile views – but Liddle managed to use his release to target Muslims in general. I assume he’ll also be back sucking on the teat of the cockroach infidel kaffir state, of which he professes not to be a big fan (except when the benefits are handed out). Anjem and I fervently agree on one important issue, though. He has urged British Islamists to leave the country and blow themselves up. Me too. Actually, I don’t really mind if they don’t leave the country, so long as…

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    Paypal withdraws facility from War on Want

    I imagine War on Want isn’t favoured by many HP readers – and perhaps still remember their awful Christmas cards from a few years ago. Now UKLFI reports that they’ve lost their Paypal facility following allegations that they have links to a terrorist organisation, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). You can read the full story here. Hat Tip: Harvey

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    The Corbyn memorandum

    Benjamin felt a nose nuzzling at his shoulder. He looked round. It was Clover. Her old eyes looked dimmer than ever. Without saying anything, she tugged gently at his mane and led him round to the end of the big barn, where the Seven Commandments were written. For a minute or two they stood gazing at the tatted wall with its white lettering. “My sight is failing,” she said finally. “Even when I was young I could not have read what was written there. But it appears to me that that wall looks different. Are the Seven Commandments the same as they used to be, Benjamin?” Robert Peston reports that…