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    Momentum’s Antisemitism Video

    Momentum have made a little video on antisemitism. As with their last video on the subject they’ve found a friendly Jew to star in it (the last one featuring Michael Segalov). This one features the actress Tania Shew, though they don’t say she’s an actress. Tania (@tania_shew) worked on Jeremy Corbyn’s two leadership campaigns. She’s Jewish. And she’s got something to say 👇 pic.twitter.com/TQKw62R84T — Momentum (@PeoplesMomentum) November 8, 2018 Shew makes a number of comments in the video that don’t pass the rational thinking test, here’s one: “Addressing antisemitism in Britain must never curtail freedom of speech for Palestinians. Palestinians need to have the right to define their oppression…

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    When you can’t say Palestine Without Saying Jews

    The Palestine Solidarity Campaign held an Apartheid Conference on Saturday. One of the speakers was Rebecca Vilkomerson from Jewish Voice for Peace. Wait…a letter from the organisers of what? Indeed it’s true because if you want to reach out to Jews in the wake of a terror attack against them the first people you’re going to approach is a fringe organisation that spends its existence attacking…Jews. Or at least that’s what makes sense to do if you’re Hamas. The letter can be seen on JVP’s Facebook page and is reproduced below. Dear Ms Vilkomerson, On behalf of the organizers of the Great Palestinian March of Return in Gaza, I would like…

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    The Labour Party Branch too Moral to the Condemn Pittsburgh Murders

    This is an account by Steve Cooke, Secretary of the Norton West branch as well as political education officer for Stockton North CLP and a member of its executive committee of what happened. The account is taken from his Facebook profile where he has made it publicly available: I am aghast to report that an emergency motion on the #PittsburghSynagogue attack which I took to my Labour Party branch meeting last night was voted down, with the leader of Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council and the cabinet member for community safety among its most vociferous opponents. The three Norton (North, South and West) branches hold a joint monthly meeting, with the option to break out into separate groups…

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    Will Owen Jones Sue?

    Watch this space folks This is what Maugham is referring to:   Maugham is quite happy to go to court, so will Owen sue?   And let’s not even start with the £250 to Jewdas bollocks. But Owen hasn’t actually said he’s going to sue, nor has he mentioned legal action, which makes it weird that he would just demand money for someone tweeting something.

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    Labour Blog Publishes Half of Hitler’s Manifesto

    The left wing blog Labour Hub published 13 points of Hitler’s 1920 Nazi manifesto. The blogging platform says its purpose is to “educate, inform and inspire Labour Party members” in it’s About Us page. The blog Red Roar reported: In what appears to be a hoax article, policies relating to Germany specifically or the claimed supremacy of the Aryan race were omitted, but several of the remaining statements should have set off alarm bells at Labour Hub nevertheless. The policies listed in the article include: “A law to take over land if the country needs it, without the government having to pay for it.” “Get rid of the current set-up of…

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    Jenny Tonge Quits PSC

    Jenny Tonge is no longer a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. After widespread reporting of her comments in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting she was told to leave and promptly did so. The Jewish News reports: The former Liberal Democrat peer, who now sits as an independent, is known for her anti-Israel views, and has in the past been accused of antisemitism. In a statement, the PSC said: “Baroness Tonge has offered to stand down as a patron of PSC. In agreeing with this course of action, PSC wishes to acknowledge the enormous work Baroness Tonge has done over many years to bring attention to the injustices…

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    Things Only a Patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Would Say

    Jenny Tonge was booted out of the Liberal Democrats over antisemitic comments she has made in the past (or to put it more accurately was repeatedly sanctioned by the party before eventually quitting). She was not however censured by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign where, together with Jeremy Corbyn, she is still a patron. Her latest comments are absolutely in character. This is truly shameful. As the blood still stains the floor of the synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a MEMBER OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS, tries to turn the blame onto Israel – Baroness Jenny Tonge is an absolute disgrace pic.twitter.com/ks1HYppWoV — David Collier (@mishtal) October 27, 2018 From the PSC…

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    Nazi Terror Attack Against a Synagogue in Pennsylvania

    According to CNN 11 people were murdered during a mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Our hearts go out to the families. We truly are living through some dark times. From CNN: Eleven people were killed in a shooting Saturday morning at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, according to officials. Six people were wounded, Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich said, four of whom were police officers who responded to the scene. No children were among the dead, he said. A city official have previously told CNN 10 people were killed. Law enforcement officials told CNN the suspect has been identified as 46-year-old Robert Bowers, and that the…

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    Let’s Raise Money for Matthew!

    The Jewish Chronicle reports: A Jewish lawyer has been fined £1,750 and ordered to undergo diversity training for saying an anti-Israel campaign group accused of hounding a Jewish businessman were “scummy racists.” Matthew Berlow, a solicitor based in Glasgow, was responding to a Facebook event organised by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) to protest against the sale of Dead Sea products in an Aberdeen shopping centre. “You simply found a soft Jewish target to aim your bile at,” Mr Berlow told the group, also calling them “scummy racists, bullies and cowards.” This strikes me as a gross injustice, for reasons that hardly need to be communicated. Though I will add that this…