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    Harry’s Place Upgrade

    Hello all, you may have noticed that the website looks rather different today than it did a few days ago. Soon it will look different again as we complete upgrades both in the look and feel of the site as well as behind the scenes. Unfortunately a side effect of this is that we are experiencing some technical issues, particularly with the comments. We ask you to bear with us while we get this dealt with ASAP Thanks for your continued support and in particular to Avril, Lynne and Clap Hammer Harry

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    The Palestinian Idol

    Winner of Arab Idol Muhammad Assaf sings song (on PA TV) celebrating that Gazans will sacrifice their lives to replace #Israel with Palestine 1. Media will ignore this PA incitement 2. Imagine the media reaction If an Israeli sang of genocide on Israel TV h/t @shlomikliab pic.twitter.com/McHrxFnJV3 — Adam Levick (@adamlevick) February 15, 2018

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    Stephen Sizer’s open letter to the Bishop of Guildford

    To the Bishop of Guildford: Dear Bishop Andrew, As a minister of the gospel it is not my role to create controversy but to seek to maintain unity between the faith communities. I therefore very much regret the distress I have caused to the Jewish community, to my church and to you by my actions, for which I take full responsibility. Following the events of the past week, and my meetings with you and the Archdeacon, I would like to give you and the PCC of Christ Church, Virginia Water a solemn undertaking to refrain from writing or speaking on any theme that relates, directly or indirectly, to the current…

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    And we’re back!

    Dear Reader As you may have surmised, Harry’s Place was disabled by a serious denial of service attack this past week. We’re very sorry it took so long to get up-and-running again, but we’re back. Unfortunately the Internet, while facilitating new forums for discussion and online communities, has also unleashed some very nasty people for whom civilized discussion and, indeed, difference of opinion are anathema. DoS attacks are illegal under US and British law, and this attack is being reported to the relevant authorities for investigation. This blog has had its share of attempts to silence it over the years as our regular readers know well. But fortunately we keep bouncing back. Unfortunately,…

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    Dead Cat Bounce: Novel Review

    In his new novel Dead Cat Bounce, author Seth Freedman has written an intriguing insight into the mind of a complex character, who works out his quarter-life crises against the backdrop of Jewish community issues, significantly the topic of Israel and Palestine. The plot involves a failed city worker being head-hunted by Mossad to carry out secret missions throughout the country. One of these missions includes acting as an anti-Zionist writer for the Guardian. The link between the various roles that the protagonist occupies, is ostensibly his ruthless streak and his amoral approach to life. Mossad tell Freedman’s nameless protagonist that Mossad is looking for “Jewish kids who for one reason…

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    HP on FB

    Harry’s Place now has a Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/harrysplaceblog Yes, we know, it’s about time! A fun feature is an archive of all our old page headers, which you can check out here. Of course, we’ve been on Twitter for quite some time. If you didn’t know that, now you do! We’re planning much more social media integration in the near future.

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    A Guardian Q&A with Ismail Haniyeh

    As was apparent at the time, when people were commenting, but may now be less clear to the casual reader – this is a spoof. Following his op-ed, “We Palestinians are reclaiming our destiny“, which was published in The Guardian today, Ismail Haniyeh has kindly agreed to an interview with Associate Editor Seumas Milne on the state of Palestinian politics. Seumas Milne: Prime Minister Haniyeh, now that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been implicated in a £100 million corruption scandal, how does Hamas intend to further its reconciliation agreement with Fatah? Ismail Haniyeh: First, Brother Seumas, let me thank you for your offer to allow me to express my…