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    2018 Worst Year for Antisemitic Incidents in UK

    The Community Security Trust has published their annual statistics on antisemitic incidents. This from The Times: A record number of antisemitic incidents was reported last year, prompting warnings of a “general atmosphere of intolerance and prejudice” in Britain. Previous rises in antisemitic hate crime, particularly in 2009 and 2014, have come after Israel was involved in a major conflict, but the level is now consistently high, according to the Community Security Trust, which monitors anti-Jewish incidents. It is the third year in a row in which antisemitic hate crime has reached a record level. The trust recorded 1,652 incidents last year, a 16 per cent increase on the 1,420 incidents…

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    Should hate speech be a crime?

    Debate: Joyce Arthur v Peter Tatchell Joyce Arthur is a Canadian feminist.  Peter Tatchell is a UK human rights campaigner Joyce Arthur A consensus exists in most western democracies on the legitimacy of using laws to punish or inhibit hate speech, in order to prevent hate crimes, provide redress to victims, support vulnerable groups, protect human rights, and promote values of equality and respect. Countries have international obligations to combat racism, which requires enacting hate speech legislation. As in Canada, reasonable limits can be placed on freedom of expression to balance it against other fundamental rights, such as freedom from discrimination. Free speech is no sacred cow anyway, since various…

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    The Utter Failure of RESPECT

    London Borough of Tower Hamlets, final result: Labour: 41 Tory: 8 Liberal Democrats: 1 RESPECT: 1 In this election, two extreme, sectarian parties which trade on inter-communal hatred were utterly smashed. That is because, in Britain, what matters is not your ethnicity or your religion. Instead, we bind together and divide in relation to  whole series of concerns and aspirations, cutting across those cosmetic categories. That is the lesson of the defeat of RESPECT and the BNP.

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    Notable losses, gains, abject failures, and survivors

    The losses Lembit Opik. Defeated by large right wing swing. Sad and disappointed. Evan Harris. Worshiped by the science and secular community, he was defeated by a faith peddling Conservative. Conservative MP Nadine Dorries says “Do my eyes and ears deceive me? Has Dr Death really lost his seat ?” Charles Clarke Jacqui Smith Shahid Malik Dismore. Martin “Tentacles” Linton – gone. Winners Simon Danczuk. Winning Rochdale for Labour despite bigotgate. Luciana Berger. “Overwhelmingly crushed the Liberal Democrats”. Mike Gapes John Cruddas. Glenda Jackson – the former QE I hangs on in there by 45 votes! John Denham. Just. Tom Harris – the best blogging MP – retains Glasgow South,…

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    Hope not Hate ASAP help needed please!

    Dear Harry’s Place We’ve got hours left until the polls close – so forgive me for being a bit blunt: I need you to come to Barking & Dagenham today to help stop the BNP. Any spare time you can give can make the difference. An hour, two hours – we’ll take it. We need you. Sign up right now to let me know I can count on you this evening: HOPE not Hate HQ 50-52 New Road Dagenham, Essex RM9 6YS http://action.hopenothate.org.uk/electiondaypush The situation in Barking & Dagenham is worsening. Turnout is heavy in those polling districts where we know the BNP have a lot of support. Unless we…

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    Back to normal

    Dear HP Readers We’re sure many noticed over the long weekend that the comments facility at Harry’s Place was disabled. We’re sorry for this interruption in normal service. It was as frustrating for the writers who value your feedback as it must have been for those who enjoy debating the issues raised here. Unfortunately – as our regulars are aware – this blog rattles more than a few cages and unsettles those who would rather lurk in the shadows when it shines a spotlight on their activities. As a result, the blog is coming under increasing attack. Unfortunately those who cannot reply by marshaling their facts and presenting rational arguments…