Momentum’s Antisemitism Video

Momentum have made a little video on antisemitism. As with their last video on the subject they’ve found a friendly Jew to star in it (the last one featuring Michael Segalov).

This one features the actress Tania Shew, though they don’t say she’s an actress.

Shew makes a number of comments in the video that don’t pass the rational thinking test, here’s one:

“Addressing antisemitism in Britain must never curtail freedom of speech for Palestinians. Palestinians need to have the right to define their oppression in whatever terms they see fit. The left is one of the few spaces in Britain where Palestinians have any platform and I deplore anyone trying to take that away.”

Apparently you can’t be pro-Palestinian without being antisemitic and since that’s the case Palestinians are allowed to be antisemitic. White people she goes on to state, don’t have the same rights in her mind, they need to be sensitive about what they’re saying.

Here’s Dave Rich from the CST on the subject:

Here’s David Hirsh professor of sociology at Goldsmiths and David Toube from the Quilliam Foundation (and formerly from HP):

And it also turns out, to the surprise of no one, that Shew’s Jewish identity has been “strengthened” by Jewdas.

Here’s her showreel:


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