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There is no Return from this Madness

British universities are lost. There can be no return from this madness. Successive generations of students have been indoctrinated by Marxists with little or no challenge from Liberals, so it has come to this.

Read The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn if you have the time.

Read this briefer, but considered and detailed essay published by Index on Censorship a generation ago, coincidentally at the start of the final push by Lesbian and Gay activists for equal rights. Here’s an extract:

On 23 May 1934, Pravda and Izvestiya published an article by Gorky declaiming, in language reminiscent of a political trial, that homosexuality was the result of pernicious influences from the Western bourgeoisie and German fascism. The article concluded with the slogan: “Destroy homosexuality and fascism will disappear!”

Article 154 quickly became a tool of reprisal against political dissent. In January 1934, homosexuals were arrested en masse in the Soviet Union’s main cities. Among those imprisoned were many actors, musicians and artists. Historians have noted numerous suicides in the Red Army and a growing mood of panic among Soviet gays at that time.

In 1936 the Commissar for Justice, Nikolai Krylenko, declared homosexuality a political crime against the Soviet state and the proletariat.

And then read this rubbish by their counterparts today, the young students who have been the beneficiaries of past struggles and really have little left to complain about, so instead set their feeble and fragile minds to a defence of totalitarianism. The delicate flowers have now ‘protected’ their Twitter account “for the sake of safeguarding” – snowflake code for “people are disagreeing with us and it is very triggering and offensive to be contradicted and mocked for our cretinous stupidity” – so you cannot view the original thread. Luckily the tactic was anticipated so several people took screen grabs. I doubt any comment from me is necessary, so without further ado:

UPDATE: Some people have wondered if this was a parody account. It is not.

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