Press TV’s Roshan Salih films no confidence vote against Joan Ryan

The execrable Salih, editor of the Islamist site 5pillars, managed a near impossible feat earlier this year – he made Ken Livingstone appear almost measured.  Livingstone was invited on to Salih’s Press TV show – held on Holocaust Memorial Day – to discuss the question: ‘Has the Holocaust been exploited to oppress others?’. At one point Salih actually said: “I don’t know whether 6 million, or 4 million died or 2 million died.”

Last night this vile character was invited into the Enfield CLP meeting which saw MP and LFI Chair Joan Ryan narrowly lose a vote of no confidence.  Here he filmed it for his employers, Press TV, banned by Ofcom.  (You can read more about the vote here.) Salih has been making full and florid use of the #DefyIHRA hashtag on Twitter – prompting more than one person to retort ‘Roshan Salih is a racist endeavour’.

Update: There is some haziness over the precise circumstances around the filming, but it seems clear that it was in no way condoned by the CLP’s chair, Siddo Dwyer.

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