Corbyn and Munich

It’s interesting to map the different flavours of Corbyn supporter onto Damian Counsell’s handy field guide:

Owen Jones’ response was first of all to tweet non-stop about Boris Johnson and then insist that any left wing leader would attract a simila media onslaught – in other words, it would seem that he thinks this latest story is either some kind of fabrication or simply not important.

What’s been entirely absent – so far as I can see – is any reasoned counterargument to the Daily Mail’s original story.  Instead we get responses such as this, from the Labour press team:

In case you missed it here’s a transcript of the latest interview with Corbyn:

When I first saw quotes from this statement I assumed they were satirical, so weak, evasive and plain absurd were Corbyn’s responses, drawing inevitable parallels with other weaselly prevarications:

Hat Tip: Thanks to Daniel Sugarman for the transcript

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