Labour’s Latest: Cllr Kevin Enticott

You are probably already aware of the key details of this case. Enticott, a Labour councillor from Bognor Regis, has been suspended from the party after apparently posting the most vile and extreme antisemitic material on his Facebook page. It called for the execution of ‘Talmud Jews’, repeated the blood libel, and called Jews ‘parasites’. You can read more details here. He claims his account was hacked – and the very fact that the material was so extreme might be said to make that claim more credible. However his response to the allegation of antisemitism was strange, to say the least:

Insisting that that he is “not anti-Semitic in any way”, Enticott continued: “I’ve actually got Jewish friends.”

Commenting about “Talmud Jews”, he added: “I share views against some of the stuff that they do, but it’s not something I would express on things like that and it’s not the way that I would express it either.”

It now turns out he has quite a history of making antisemitic (and other offensive) comments.  ‘Hitler would have a solution to the Jewish problem’ is just one example.

It’s appalling that this person was selected as a councillor and that he has been making other equally vile comments on Facebook since at least 2015 and no one (apparently) has complained in the past.  I did come across one reference on Twitter to a complaint having been made about him in 2017 – if true, then why on earth did he continue not simply as a Labour member but as a Labour councillor?

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