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Anti-Semitism at the University of Oregon

Sometimes, “polite” Jew haters in America drop the guise and display their anti-Semitic motives for all to see.

A sign belonging to the Jewish campus group Hillel at the University of Oregon was vandalized with pro-Palestinian profanity, the group said on Friday.

The sign — located in a parking lot and bearing the greeting “Welcome” in English and Hebrew — was defaced with messages including “Free Palestine you f*cks,” written using a black marker.

Prior to the end of the school year, the UO student senate passed a resolution endorsing the BDS movement. Some Jewish students noted the conspiratorial claims made against speakers opposed to the resolution.

One student who opposed the resolution, Elysa Gurman, wrote after its passage that “before and after the hearing, rumors were spread on social media that pro-Israel students were a ‘Super PAC,’ that we were getting paid to speak, that specific pro-Israel senators should ‘shut the f*ck up,’ and other nonsensical accusations and assaults.”

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