The Ravings of Roshan Salih

Roshan Salih is a ‘journalist’ for Iranian propaganda mouthpiece PressTV UK and founding editor of the website 5Pillarz. He’s appeared on The Daily Politics discussing “can we mock Islam?” alongside Melanie Phillips and interviewed Ken Livingstone on Holocaust Memorial Day about whether the Holocaust has been Exploited To Oppress Others.

Here he is on a PressTV UK show entitled Is The World Cup Evil?

this is a strange inferrence for Salah to make about the UK since it was the place his parents chose to move to from Sri Lanka to give him a better (private) education. In his book Confessions of a Muslim Journalist” Salih states that his family moved to North Wales when he was 4 or 5 because:

“it wasn’t possible to educate children in Sri Lanka to the level my parents expected so they took the decision to move to my mother’s home town in North Wales.”

In fact in his book he writes about being “really happy because I wouldn’t have to go back to Sri Lanka” (P25)

Salih’s not sure how many Jews died in the Holocaust and spends a lot of time making the argument that Zionists are trying to infiltrate the Muslim community through interfaith work.

His premise is that he reads the Jewish Chronicle and has noticed that there is an interfaith section and has therefore extrapolated that interfaith is a tool Israel is using to control Muslim opinion in Britain.

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