Chabloz found guilty after posting antisemitic songs to YouTube

Alison Chabloz has expressed the most vile antisemitism in her ‘satirical’ songs.

The 54-year-old was convicted at Westminster Magistrates’ Courton Friday of three charges relating to three self-penned songs.

District judge John Zani said he was satisfied the material of the songs was grossly offensive and that Chabloz intended to insult Jewish people.

No decent person could dissent from this analysis of the songs, and many will be relieved at the verdict in this private prosecution brought by the Campaign against Antisemitism (CAA).

The chair of the CAA, Gideon Falter, said: “Alison Chabloz has dedicated herself over the course of years to inciting others to hate Jews, principally by claiming that the Holocaust was a hoax perpetrated by Jews to defraud the world. She is now a convicted criminal. This verdict sends a strong message that in Britain Holocaust denial and antisemitic conspiracy theories will not be tolerated.”

However it’s not only her fans who are unsure about the outcome.

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