Ismail Menk and The Doves

The Islamic preacher Ismail Menk has a very grave warning for us all. Did you know that pop stars serve Satan?

They will murder people and spill blood, in order to appease the devil, so that they can become people who can control. Most of the singers, 99% of the pop stars that you have out there, belong to this category. They all sacrifice doves backstage. They all engage in satanic behaviour, they all belong to a cult, and all of them are promoting immorality.

He is coming to, er, Greater Manchester to preach on May 12.

There is much more to say about Mr Menk, who has featured in these pages before.

But it can wait for another post. For now, may I strongly recommend some in-flight entertaintment for Mr Menk as he wings his way to the UK.

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