Jeremy Corbyn Antisemitism and Justice for Palestine

There’s an event tonight entitled Jeremy Corbyn Antisemitism and Justice for Palestine:

The Facebook page says:

The Labour right and supporters of Israel have launched a serious attempt to paint Jeremy Corbyn and the Left as antisemites. Any instance of antisemitism should be vigorously opposed, but these right wing forces are using smears to try and undermine Corbyn and the pro-Palestinian movement. They want to equate anti-Zionism with antisemitism.

We wholly reject this. They are not the same. We can not let these smears be used to undermine criticism of Israel.

Antisemitism is a very real threat, as the rise of the far right across Europe vividly illustrates. The Left must continue to oppose it wherever it appears.

We must actively fight all forms of racism whilst fighting for justice for Palestine.

This meeting is to discuss anti-Zionism, antisemitism and justice for Palestine. It is not called by any organisation. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry

Hardly surprising that this collection of people would want to say what’s antisemitic and what isn’t. Ben Jamal runs the Palestine Solidarity Campaign that David Collier proved was filled with activists sharing antisemitic discourse with one another on social media. PSC’s response was to put a disclaimer on their Facebook page and then re-elect one of their number, Tapash abu Shaim as a Director of the organisation!

Check out our Twitter thread on that one:

Then there’s Jonathan Rosenhead, here he is on Press TV just yesterday being interviewed by Roshan Salih and sitting next to Stephen Sizer (wonder what they were talking about):

This is the Roshan Salih who has argued that Zionists are using Jewish interfaith work to infiltrate the Muslim community and that since he isn’t a historian he can’t know how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust (it’s 6 million Roshan, if there’s no point arguing over figures why are you?):


Stephen Sizer is infamous for sharing antisemitic material on social media. He was censured numerous times including being banned from touching social media. Here’s a screenshot of his greatest hits (see the full post here):

Corbyn now accepts that there is antisemitism in the Labour Party causing concern to Jewish members of the party and is NOT a “smear” in fact it’s so obviously not a smear that it would probably require an antisemite to argue that Jeremy’s lying.

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