They Don’t Even Care That People are Watching

The only people pretending Jewish Voice for Labour, Free Speech on Israel or Jews For Justice for Palestinians (who all share the same members and officers) are really a part of the Jewish community are Corbyn and his acolytes.

It won’t wash. The Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council have refused to sit down at the same table as them. Why on earth were they invited by Corbyn to sit down at a round table on antisemitism in the first place if they don’t believe there is any?

Read the words of Alan Maddison in the final comment;

We cant just sit back and let these smears rob us of a GE victory for the sake of all our most vulnerable, including msny BAME and Muslim voters.

We surely have to plan going onto the attack. Those MPs inferring AS abuse from Labour members need to present their complaints and proof to Formby now. If they can’t then they should be sanctioned if not expelled for bringing the Party and its leader into disrepute.

He has watched MPs lineup to read out the antisemitic filth they have been subjected to and then makes out as if they don’t have any proof. Labour Against Antisemitism claim to have made thousands of complaints against Labour members and still he pretends that there’s no proof and it’s all just a smear.

These are the people Corbyn is pushing forward as representatives of the Jewish community in the United Kingdom.

Once upon a time these people were hiding in dark corners of the web with their conspiratorial views and self hatred. Now they are held up as examples of the good Jews by Jeremy Corbyn and his little communist cabal.

Is it any wonder that Jews are up in arms?