Marxism Festival and The Labour Party

Marxism Festival 2018 is on the horizon. Looks like it’s all about Jeremy.

In case there was any doubt about who these Jeremy Corbyn supporting organisers of Marxism conference were:

Go along and find out how to support the Labour Party:

But it just wouldn’t be complete without the usual assault on the USA and Israel.

Apparently the Middle East is “on fire” as a “terrible consequence of Western colonialism and imperialism”. One day the people living in the Middle East, and elsewhere in the world may be viewed as people who should be held responsible for their own actions.

It’s hardly surprising that antisemitic (and other) conspiracy theories have found such fertile ground within the Far Left when their whole world view bizarrely places responsibility for every negative event on the shoulders of the USA and UK. Maybe, just maybe, years of dictatorial rule by the Assad family are responsible for the descent into civil war.

Maybe the people who formed ISIS are responsible for ISIS, maybe the Russians are intervening to prop up a monster and the Iranians have taken the opportunity to continue the growth of their own empire in the region.

Nah it’s the West…

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