Syrian Chemical Weapons Targets Hit by West

American, British and French air forces have launched coordinated strikes on the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons facilities.

Apparently the Russians did not open fire on the jets invading Syrian air space.

The Times:

Britain, the United States and France launched more than 100 airstrikes in a “one time shot” against Syria early this morning to stop President Assad from using chemical weapons.
It was double the firepower of a US attack against a single Syrian air base a year ago, James Mattis, the US defence secretary said.

The Guardian:

The US, UK and France have launched air strikes against what they allege are Syrian chemical weapons facilities in response to chemical weapons attack in a Damascus suburb a week ago.

The Pentagon said the air strikes, which began at 4am Syrian time (2am GMT), involved planes and ship-launched missiles, more than 100 projectiles in all. Officials named three targets: a scientific research centre in Damascus, a chemical weapons storage facility west of Homs, and another storage site and command post nearby.

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